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New Foote Partners Report Identifies 64 Certified and Noncertified IT Skills That Will Increase in Value in Next Six Months


Trend Data from 2,100 U.S. and Canadian Employers, 102,000 IT Professionals.
Study Examined Skills Pay Premiums, Spending Intentions, Skills Acquisition Plans and Strategies for 2011.
Vero Beach, FL – Independent IT research and analyst firm Foote Partners today released the latest biannual  update if its IT Skills and Certifications HOT LISTS Forecast report, identifying individual IT skills and certifications that will increase in market value and therefore cost employers more to acquire over the next 6 months. 
The report – unique in its scope and content -- synthesizes data from a variety of proprietary research sources including premium skills pay benchmark surveys, IT spending intention studies, and extensive field interviews with influencers and decision makers in hundreds of US and Canadian employers. More than 2,100 employers contributed to the new edition.
“Thirty-seven noncertified IT skills and twenty-seven certifications made the HOT LISTS forecast this time out of a total of 466 that we constantly monitor in our IT benchmark and decision support research,” noted David Foote, Foote Partners co-founder and CEO. “While the total number of skills and certifications making the HOT LISTS did not change much from last summer’s update, there were huge differences this time in what made each list: turnover was more than 70 percent. That’s a lot considering only six months have passed but just more evidence of the volatility in the marketplace for IT skills that we’ve been reporting since 2008 and that we are convinced will be around for the next several years.
“This forecast information is critical intelligence for three constituencies,” insists Foote. For employers: If you knew market values were going to increase for skills you’re planning to acquire, either by FTE hiring or via contractors, consultants, or managed services, you may wish to adjust your forward budgets or accelerate acquisition to avoid higher costs. For vendors: If you are selling consulting services, you may want to fine-tune billing rate schedules in current project proposals to maintain profit margins going forward. For IT professionals: If you are negotiating salaries or consulting rates, don't undervalue your skills in the marketplace.”  For more details about the report, visit the Foote Partners website: .