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Questionmark and Software Secure Alliance Provides New Options for Secure Delivery of Tests and Exams

Combined Solutions Enable Comprehensive Assessment Management, Delivery and Analytics while Mitigating Identify Fraud and Cheating

NORWALK, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Assessment technology providers Questionmark and Software Secure today announced a technology alliance that will bring added security to certification tests and other higher-stakes exams administered without the need for someone to travel to a testing center.

The alliance enables customers to complement the comprehensive authoring, delivery and reporting capabilities of the Questionmark® Perception® assessment management system with the remote monitoring and identity verification tools of Software Secure’s Securexam® Remote Proctor.

Questionmark’s technologies enable organizations to deploy a broad range of assessment solutions to address critical needs such as certification, regulatory compliance, health and safety, sales and technical channel verification and employee selection. As the stakes of tests and exams increase, customers can take advantage of many standard features that help reduce opportunities for cheating and ensure the security of test content and scoring algorithms.

Software Secure’s Securexam Remote Proctor uses finger-scan biometrics to authenticate the identity of a distance learning test-taker, and then records audio and a 360 degree view of the exam-room, wherever that is. The combination of Remote Proctor with Questionmark Perception will enable participants to take Questionmark exams anywhere, anytime, while providing many of the security benefits otherwise available in costlier, proctored test center environments.

“Organizations need to find the right balance for test security, weighing the risks and threats against the costs, so they don’t over-engineer or under-engineer their assessment solution,” said Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd. “We’re delighted that our alliance with Software Secure provides our customers with new, easily deployable, cost-effective options for mitigating many common threats and risks to the security and defensibility of their tests and exams.”

"We are seeing a rapidly expanding universe of testing organizations who are looking to offer both integrity and convenience to their remote testing environments," said Douglas M. Winneg, CEO & Founder of Software Secure. "We are pleased to partner with Questionmark to provide a unique offering that will harness the power of their test delivery and analytics with our security - a combination that will truly change the testing paradigm by allowing testing organizations to focus on customer service, and enabling test-takers to take exams from home or work with test-center integrity."

About Software Secure

Software Secure is a pioneer and market leader in secure, computer-based testing solutions featuring Securexam Remote Proctor, part of the company's Securexam Suite offering. Academic institutions throughout the world as well as organizations overseeing high-stakes testing environments such as the bar and chartered accountant exams have chosen Software Secure for testing solutions that exceed regional and national accreditation standards as well as federal regulation requirements, and facilitate the responsible use of technology in education. (

About Questionmark

Questionmark provides technologies and services that enable organizations to measure knowledge, skills and attitudes securely for certification, regulatory compliance and improved learning outcomes.

Questionmark solutions enable reliable, valid and defensible assessments by empowering subject matter experts through collaborative authoring, accommodating participant needs with blended and multilingual delivery and informing stakeholders through timely reporting and meaningful analytics. Further details are available at and