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ExamForce Redefines Self-Study for IT Certifications with Release of ExamCoach

ExamCoach, a new service launched by ExamForce, intends to turn the tables on "good intentions" and instead create successful actions by providing a host of services that are included with each exam preparation title. These include customized study plans based on the candidate's desired exam schedule, follow up quizzes sent by email to ensure retention on every objective and most importantly 24 hour, seven day a week instant access to certified experts and instructors.

"Our customers love their software," said ExamForce president Kevin Forcier "but often fall short in taking the time to use it. ExamCoach is our investment in them -- to help them get the most from their experience. The value to us is obvious...the more they succeed, the more we succeed. That is what partnerships are all about."

IT professionals frequently lament finding the time and motivation to study or train for new technologies. While the reasons for gaining these skills are abundant, including higher pay, better job opportunities and working in new fields, life often gets in the way.

For some it is simply the pace. A day full of job, family and social agendas often leaves little time or energy for studying. For some it can be boredom, or worse, burn out. For others it can be as simple as not knowing where to start. No matter the reason, getting motivated to advance one's career runs into a wall more often than most would admit.

In a classroom environment the candidate simply raises a hand if there is a question. For those paying their own way classroom learning can be exorbitant compared to self study options. When going the self-study route however, raising a hand isn't really an option.

About ExamForce

A division of LearnForce Partners LLC, ExamForce was founded in 1999 to assist individuals and organizations with preparing for and passing IT certification exams. Since its inception, ExamForce’s industry recognized materials have assisted countless people in growing their knowledge and advancing their careers. ExamForce develops and sells training and practice test software, audio preparation programs, study guides and flash cards for the Information Technology, Financial and Trade marketplaces. For more information go to