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New Federal IT Security Certification Group Announces Exam Guides

WASHINGTON--The Federal IT Security Institute (FITSI) – the newly-formed nonprofit organization that offers the Federal IT Security Professional (FITSP) certification – today announced publication of three guides that provide important details regarding its role-based certification exam program.

The FITSP certification program was announced this past March to address growing concerns about the security of federal IT systems.

“We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Candidate Exam Guide, the Exam Objectives Guide and the Federal Body of Knowledge Guide,” said Jim Wiggins, FITSI’s executive director.

According to Mr. Wiggins, the candidate and objectives guides are available for each of the certification exams and are customized to the unique requirements of each of the four federal certification roles: manager, designer, operator and auditor.

The body of knowledge guide serves as an overarching document, providing the foundation for the entire certification program by bringing together in one place the many federal statutes, regulations, standards and guidelines with which the federal IT security professional is required to comply, Mr. Wiggins added.

The guides will help interested parties gain a better understanding of federal IT security requirements and responsibilities, Mr. Wiggins said. They can be used for general knowledge or by candidates to augment their study of one or more of the four FITSP certifications. They will be updated at least annually to reflect changes in the federal IT security landscape and are available free of charge on the FITSI website:

“The goal of the FITSP certification program is to document that federal civilian, military and contractor professionals who manage and operate federal IT systems understand and can therefore apply the appropriate federal IT security standards,” Mr. Wiggins said.

“While there are other certifications in the IT security space, the FITSI certifications are the only ones specifically tailored to address the unique role-based security requirements mandated for federal IT systems,” Mr. Wiggins said. “In addition, the FITSP certification provides a framework enabling holders of other IT security certifications to extend their training and experience to specialize in the federal IT security space.”