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Candidates Commend Federal IT Security Certification Exams

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--With its first set of certification exams now complete, the Federal IT Security Institute (FITSI) has received numerous favorable comments from candidates who took the inaugural FITSI certification examination, according to Jim Wiggins, FITSI executive director.

“We are encouraged by the responses of candidates who took the exam earlier this month in Arlington, Virginia,” Mr. Wiggins said. “The comments reflect the fact that candidates found the exam to be challenging, credible and directionally correct with regard to content. The comments validate our approach to the objective of improving the understanding of Federal IT security requirements within the Federal civilian, military, and contractor workforce.”

Here are a few of the comments:

“The FITSI exam is a wide-ranging survey of the candidate’s federal information security knowledge. It’s challenging on several fronts including federal IT security standards, security processes, and real-world technical practices. It isn’t knowledge that can be easily gained from a handbook or a study guide. You really have to know what you’re doing and – more importantly – how you’ve actually done it.” --Garry Ray

“The exam tests for an understanding of legislative, compliance, and regulatory underpinnings required for federal information security management programs. As such, the exam validates a candidate’s qualifications for managing risk across the security lifecycle in the federal government.” --John Kressel

“I was very happy with the structure and content of the exams, and I feel that it will be a very good certification and benchmark for those in the federal contracting space. There are so many ‘security firms’ out there who have no experience with federal security, and this is definitely something which can help them and their companies shine when it comes to differentiating themselves from the pack.” --Casey Priester

“Until the FITSP (Federal IT Security Professional) certifications, there were no certifications specifically dealing with the laws and regulations that covered federal IT security standards. The FITSP certifications fill this gap. FITSP has designed the premier certification for any Federal IT Security Specialist that will establish a level of competency and understanding in applying Federal IT Security laws and regulations.” --Walter York

“Launched earlier this year amid growing concern about federal IT security,” Mr. Wiggins stated, “the role-based FITSI program offers certification to four groups of federal IT professionals: managers, designers, operators and auditors. The goal of the program is to make federal IT systems more secure by assuring that the people who manage and operate them understand and can apply the appropriate federal IT security standards.”

Mr. Wiggins recommended all those interested to check out FITSI’s web site at