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Leading Groups Launch First Set of Information Security Principles

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Three leading global security organisations have launched the first information security principles designed to promote good practice in information security. The Information Security Forum (ISF), International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 and ISACA have developed 12 independent, non-proprietary principles that will help security practitioners respond more effectively in today’s complex, interconnected world.

The emerging role of information security in improved governance, regulatory compliance and risk assessment has prompted the need for clear, relevant guidelines. The principles will help individuals support business objectives, manage their organizational risk and promote responsible security behavior.

“There are other standards and frameworks around like SOGP, COBIT and ISO27002, which are all aimed at organisations, but we were clear that we wanted these principles to be unique, practical and more like a code of conduct for individuals to adopt,” said Jason Creasey, Global Alliances Leader, ISF.

While information security has been added to many corporate agendas, the entire business—not just security practitioners—should be vigilant and responsive.

“The security profession has to break away from its roots as an IT-focused discipline. These principles are accessible to everyone working in information security whatever their qualification or affiliation. Security professionals and their stakeholders now have a common framework for truly risk-based security management that all will be able to identify with,” said John Colley, CISSP, Managing Director, EMEA, (ISC)2.

According to Manuel Aceves, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC, CISSP, FCITSM, member of ISACA’s Professional Standards Committee, “Because information security has become such an important business function, it is critical for information security professionals to develop sound business skills in addition to technical skills and knowledge. The information security principles provide a guide to help those in the security profession add value to their organizations by successfully supporting the business and promoting good practices. They also are a good complement to ISACA’s Business Model for Information Security (BMIS), which provides a breakthrough approach for describing the information security ecosystem and a common language for information security and business management to improve information protection.”

Available as a poster and downloadable from the ISF, (ISC)² and ISACA web sites (, the principles are aimed at individuals working in information security, including those who develop, supply and manage security systems; influence legal or regulatory requirements for security; and educate tomorrow’s workforce. They have three categories—support the business, defend the business, and promote responsible security behaviour.


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