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Linux Essentials Heroes Complete Beta Tests

Sacramento, CA, USA - The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the world's premier Linux certification organization (, announced that volunteers from throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa completed the beta testing of  LPI's new Linux Essentials exam--an innovative program measuring foundational knowledge in Linux and Open Source Software. Targeted at new technology users, the Linux Essentials program is set to be adopted by schools, educational authorities, training centers and others commencing in June 2012.

"The response from educators, students and other members of the Open Source community in assisting LPI with the development of the Linux Essentials program has exceeded even our most optimistic expectations.

This confirms our research of the need for an entry-level "Certificate of Achievement"  measuring foundational knowledge in Linux and Open Source Software. All volunteers who assisted LPI with this crucial stage of exam development are "heroes" in our eyes," said Jim Lacey, president and CEO of LPI.  Mr. Lacey went on to explain that beta exams enable psychometricians to evaluate exam question quality and set the passing score which requires a large pool of volunteer test takers.

LPI began recruiting volunteer "heroes" for the beta process in April 2012 (modelled after the Linux Essentials' mascot--the "avenger" penguin--see:  To date close to 700 people have taken the beta test version of the Linux Essentials exam--for its psychometric purposes LPI required 400 volunteer test takers.

Participant Highlights:

Birmingham City University (BCU), Birmingham, UK:  On Monday May 21st, 24 students from the School of Computing, Telecommunications and Networks, Faculty of Technology, Engineering and Environment, BCU were the world's first beta test takers of the Linux Essentials exam. Faculty members Chris Maguire and Stephen Murphy, in cooperation with LPI-UK, led the exam sessions.  BCU faculty have also been actively involved in developing exam questions for the Linux Essentials program.

LinuxTag, Berlin, Germany: During LinuxTag the first "free" study material for the Linux Essentials exam was announced by Linup Front--a long time developer of LPI courseware (  The courseware is a 300 page downloadable e-book available in both German ( and English (

This courseware is also available for download for Android devices running version 2.3.3 or later from the Google Play store in both German ( and English (

During LinuxTag 20 people participated in the first Linux Essentials exam preparation course led by courseware author Michael Gisbers from Open Source Press ( and longtime LPI volunteer Dimitrios Bogiatzoules. Over 60 people participated in the Linux Essentials beta exams at LinuxTag.

Jos, Nigeria: 71 people participated in a day long session of Linux Essentials' beta exams.  Students of various ages and educational background had prepared for the beta exams through a special course provided by Nignux Technologies - a local Linux and Open Source IT company. Those participating braved inclement weather in a city that has been the location of "turbulent times in months past"--see an online report at: . Linux Essentials' beta exams were also held in other locations in Nigeria within the states of Oyo, Lagos, and Ogun.

"Linux for Bulgarians", Sofia, Bulgaria: during this annual national event of Linux professionals in Bulgaria over 20 volunteers wrote beta Linux Essentials exams through a new online system of exam delivery developed by LPI and long time LPI affiliate L'Agence universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).  See:

LPI Marketplace: LPI recently launched an online resource for Linux educational content.  One of the featured products at LPI Marketplace is the first published exam preparation book for Linux Essentials: "Linux Essentials" by Roderick W. Smith of Sybex:

Other Linux Essentials' beta exam locations in May/June 2012:

                Germany: Munich, Stuttgart, Tettnang, Wurzburg

                Switzerland: Winterthur

                Italy: Rome, Orvieta

                Iran: Isfahan State and Tehran

                Oman: Oman University

                Lebanon: Beirut

                Tunisia: Tunis

The Linux Essentials program is in the final stage of development--a modified Angoff study with Subject Matter Experts (SME) has just recently been held in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  A modified Angoff study provides psychometric staff with additional data to validate questions and assist in setting the passing score for the exam.  For more information on this final step towards exam publication see: .

The Linux Essentials exam will be available at the end of June 2012 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and in other nations around the world in 2013. A full description of Linux Essentials is available at: .  Individuals and organizations interested in participating in the Linux Essentials program may email LPI at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Linux Professional Institute is globally supported by the IT industry, enterprise customers, community professionals, government entities and the educational community. LPI's certification program is supported by an affiliate network spanning five continents and is distributed worldwide in multiple languages at more than 7,000 testing locations. Since 1999, LPI has delivered over 300,000 exams and 100,000 LPIC certifications around the world.

About the Linux Professional Institute:

The Linux Professional Institute provides a global framework, industry leadership and other services to enhance, develop and further lifelong professional careers in Linux and Open Source technologies. Established as an international non-profit organization in September 1999 by the Linux community, the Linux Professional Institute continues to demonstrate recognized global leadership, direction and skill standards for those who pursue a career in Linux and Open Source technology. LPI advances the Linux and Open Source movement through strategic partners, sponsorships, innovative programs and community development activities.

LPI's major financial sponsors are Platinum Sponsors IBM, Linux Journal, Linux Magazine, Novell, SGI, and TurboLinux as well as Gold Sponsors, HP and IDG.