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New Era of Enterprise Technology Creating Major Shifts in Operations for Many Organizations, New CompTIA Study Asserts

Downers Grove, Ill., June 24, 2015 – Widespread availability of technology solutions made possible by cloud and mobile computing have created notable changes in inter-department dynamics for many organizations, according to new research from CompTIA, the IT industry trade association.


Decisions about technology are focused more intently on business objectives, the CompTIA study Building Digital Organizations reveals. Nearly half of the IT professionals surveyed and 57 percent of business executives say this is the case.


The impact of this shift is also felt in budgeting, decision-making and implementation of new business systems. These changes are occurring in organizations of all sizes.


This shift is welcome and necessary, according to Seth Robinson, senior director, technology analysis, CompTIA.

“In order to connect with customers in a global economy or even provide the products and services needed for today’s market, companies need to transform into digital organizations that effectively use technology to move forward,” Robinson contends.


“Digital organizations take a new approach to technology decisions in order to optimize their workflow and improve efficiency; whether in core IT services, line-of-business applications or end-user experience.”


Decision Making and Budgets

When the IT team held the vast majority of technical knowledge and skill, they maintained a high degree of control in selecting technology solutions that matched their interpretation of business needs and their knowledge of integration and security.


Today, business units are not only more aware of technology solutions, but are also more able to procure these solutions. And while the role of IT is still high valued, data suggests that the final technology decisions are more frequently being made by the CEO or business owner.


Many departments besides IT – finance, marketing, sales and human resources – are more actively involved as ideas are generated, discussions take place and decisions are made on technology purchases and implementations, according to the CompTIA survey of 650 business and technology executives at companies across the United States.


Companies surveyed for the study overwhelmingly claim that technology procured by business units is effective. This view is consistent among respondents from both the IT and business unit camps, so the two sides do not appear to be at odds over the issue.


“First and foremost, business units see IT as a partner, someone to share responsibilities with to guarantee successful operations,” Robinson said. “Business units expect to work jointly with IT.”


In a similar vein, distributing technology funds to business units has not adversely affected the budget of the IT function. In nearly half of businesses both sets of budgets are growing.


“While growing budgets do not mean that companies are becoming less cost-conscious, it is a signal that investments will be made if the business case is viable,” said Robinson. “That business case will take different forms depending on who is making the decision. Beyond specifications and features, the pitch must articulate how technology will facilitate outcomes, including user experience and innovative potential.”


The CompTIA study Building Digital Organizations is based on online surveys of 650 business and technology professionals at companies based in the United States. Surveys were conducted in April and May 2015. Survey results were augmented by in-depth interviews with 14 technology and business professionals. The complete report is available for free with a simple registration. Visit to learn more.


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