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MyItemWriter Prometric App Provides for Test Development Anytime, Anywhere

BERLIN, GERMANY -- Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone. That’s the Prometric vision of test development, more specifically, item writing — the questions, answers and psychometric nuts and bolts of certification, licensure and accreditation exams.

Imagine being able to author test content from anywhere in the world, more conveniently than ever before, with a tool that is so intuitive you could be off writing new items just minutes after downloading the app to your mobile computing device or desktop.  Now you can, with MyItemWriter™.

MyItemWriter transforms the way organizations develop test items.  By utilizing cloud computing technology, MyItemWriter enables any community of content experts to write, review and approve items using an intuitive mobile interface that streamlines the test development process.  Users do not need to be connected to the Internet to use the app.  Only once you’re ready to share the items do users need to connect, and upload is easy.  The files are encrypted and sent securely over the Web to Prometric’s Intelitest® item banking platform for streamlined review and client approval.

“Prometric is leading the world in test development and delivery customization, workflow automation and mobilization,” said Michael Brannick, President and CEO of Prometric.  “MyItemWriter is our latest innovation for test publishers to find the best and most cost effective ways for bringing their programs to market better, faster and more cost effectively.”

Developing a single test item can cost from $250 to $1,000, in addition to the time and organization it takes to plan and execute subject matter expert (SME) recruitment and conferencing.  Most certification, licensure and accreditation exams today include hundreds of items in an exam.  MyItemWriter changes the equation.

For example, if you’re an organization investing $50,000 to host an item writing workshop, bringing in a small collection of SMEs to help author exam content, MyItemWriter can help you squeeze out every cent by making the process more robust.  For organizations aiming to reduce the cost of hosting workshops, MyItemWriter can provide connectivity among a network of remote SMEs.

“MyItemWriter enables greater collective authorship of exams, profoundly adding to the validity and diversity of exam content.  It facilitates higher quality exams while improving the efficiency of test development operations across every industry we have clients,” said Brannick. 

“By leveraging MyItemWriter, our clients can expand the number of subject matter experts contributing to exam content tenfold, creating communities of experts in the field through a clean, easy to use app.”

MyItemWriter will soon be available for download on for the laptop/desktop version and directly from app stores for mobile devices.

Prometric’s scheduled the unveiling of the MyItemWriter app during the 2012 E-ATP conference, held in Berlin, from 12-14 September.  The Europe Association of Test Publishers is a leading organization for promoting the integrity of assessment services and their value to society.

About Prometric
Prometric, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ETS, is a trusted provider of technology-enabled testing and assessment.  As the global standard in professional competency measurement, Prometric reliably delivers 10 million tests per year on behalf of 400 clients in the academic, financial, government, healthcare, professional, corporate and information technology markets.  Through innovation, workflow automation and standardization, Prometric achieves customer-inspired advances that are better, faster and at less cost for its clients, helping to put the right people in the right jobs at the right time.  Prometric delivers tests flexibly via the Web or by utilizing a robust network of more than 8,000 test centers in more than 160 countries.  For more information, please visit