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Questionmark Offers White Paper by Dr. Bruce C. Aaron on Aligning Learning and Assessment with Strategic Goals

Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-model

NORWALK, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new white paper available from assessment technologies and services provider Questionmark describes how to align learning initiatives, including assessment and evaluation, with strategic organizational goals.

Written by Dr. Bruce C. Aaron of Ametrico, LLC, Alignment, Impact and Measurement with the A-model explains a systematic approach to assessment and evaluation that helps organizations focus on their goals, promote continuous learning and adjust performance as needed.

Aaron developed the paper in conjunction with Questionmark to help organizations improve performance by clarifying the goals, objectives and human performance issues of their work. A sequence of activities links goals, solutions and assessment so that organizations can trace progress from analysis and design to measurement and evaluation.

This systematic approach helps ensure that data gleaned from assessments measuring knowledge, skills and attitudes clearly serve business needs.

The 31-page paper explores the role of assessment and evaluation within modern organizations and demonstrates how the A-Model can be used to define, describe and quantify a particular problem, identify the human performance necessary to solve the problem and use findings about “problem” and “performance” domains to help build programs – or human performance solutions or interventions – that directly address them. The paper also offers advice on customizing and implementing the A-model. It includes a case study about applying the model to a program evaluation of a Knowledge Management (KM) system.

The paper is available for free download at

About Bruce Aaron and Ametrico

Dr. Bruce C. Aaron is a measurement and evaluation specialist with deep expertise in assessment, accountability, and evaluation of learning. He has 20 years of consulting and leadership experience and has authored or co-authored many publications including the ASTD Handbook of Measuring and Evaluating Training. Ametrico, at, offers expertise and solutions in assessment, program evaluation, measurement, and certification.

About Questionmark

Questionmark provides technologies and services that enable organizations to measure knowledge, skills and attitudes securely for certification, regulatory compliance and improved learning outcomes. Questionmark solutions enable reliable, valid and defensible assessments by empowering subject matter experts through collaborative authoring, accommodating participant needs with blended and multilingual delivery and informing stakeholders through timely reporting and meaningful analytics. Complete details are available at The Questionmark Blog provides assessment-related news, interviews, insights and best practices.

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