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TestOut Releases New Office Pro Product for Microsoft Office 2013

New product expands TestOut Pro line of courseware and certification.


Pleasant Grove, Utah, Apr. 1, 2015 TestOut, an industry leader in providing simulations for IT training and certification, announced the release of its newest course; TestOut Office Pro. Students will learn, practice, and test their abilities for introductory level skills on Microsoft Office 2013®; Word, Excel, Power Point and Access, as well as computer basics, all in a simulated Microsoft Office and Windows environment.


Using Laptop in Library with StudentTestOut Office Pro does not use a printed textbook or require additional software. It uses 112 interactive video instructions, with optional text, to introduce skills, and then lets students practice those skills by completing three types of labs (Skills, Challenge, and Applied) for each section. The labs increase in difficulty until a student can demonstrate proficiency without the use of hints or instant remediation. By the end of the course a student will have completed 149 simulation labs.


As with all of its courses, TestOut Office Pro offers a simulated, 100% performance-based certification. An industry first, students in an introductory Office course can now prove what they can do in a single performance-based exam, covering Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access.


The course provides benefits to instructors as well. TestOut Office Pro can be used as an online self-study course, or as the foundation for an instructor-led flipped classroom. The course is designed to help instructors provide greater value to students by freeing up time from grading and class lectures so they can give personalized attention to those who may need it.


"We are unique in the industry because we focus on the student. We want them to be successful at school and in the workforce," said Noel Vallejo, CEO of TestOut Corporation. "We created a learning model and certification which will benefit students even after the class is over."


TestOut has focused on student success beyond the classroom since its beginning. "Guessing how to complete tasks in Office is different than knowing how to do it," Vallejo said. "We don't want students guessing with any of our courses, we want them to know how to do something with confidence. Students becoming proficient in Office is a great foundation toward their personal success, and that is exciting for us.


"And we want our relationship with students to continue beyond the classroom by providing service and support throughout their careers."


About TestOut Corporation
TestOut’s mission is to improve a person’s life through education using breakthrough technology. Founded in 1991, TestOut Corporation is a leader in online training and certification. Through LabSim® software, its end-to-end experience-based training technology, students gain virtual on-the-job skills that enhance self-confidence and career opportunities.

TestOut’s globally recognized simulations exactly mimic real-world IT and office application environments, providing the lessons that only experience can teach. This same technology is used in its TestOut Pro performance-based certifications, giving employers confidence that applicants can do the job, knowing their skills have been validated in a virtual hands-on environment. For more information, visit TestOut online.