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Webinar explores how to improve the quality of Middle East professional exam content and reduce development costs

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, 21 April, 2015 – A free webinar available to Middle East exam programme owners will discuss how to improve the quality of exam questions (items) while reducing development costs through greater collaboration between experts, it has been announced.


Matthew Poyiadgi, vice president of EMEA at Pearson VUE, the computer-based testing company hosting the webinar, said: “Following our recent assessment and certification workshop in Dubai where test owners discussed exam development issues, we heard of concerns about the consistency of some Middle East exams. Through the webinar we will look at how improving collaboration between with subject matter experts – whether in-house or otherwise – can result in better tests.”

There will also be a discussion about how to build efficiencies for content development work flows and how remote collaboration on question authoring using ExamDeveloper™ software can overcome these challenges, alongside the other parts of test development such as robust question (item) banking and standard-setting. The software allows subject matter experts to work together in a financially feasible way online.

Mr Poyiadgi added: “In the Middle East, drawing together SMEs from across different regions can often cost thousands of dollars and is also time consuming. This software reduces those costs by enabling emulated online collaborations, but more importantly it allows us to overcome content inconsistencies so that quality exams can be developed in a standardised way, as long as this is combined with expertise and training.”

  • Pearson VUE is hosting a free webinar: Item creation, collaboration, and control on 28th April at 3pm GST. Please visit to register.
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