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Network+ Practice Quiz : N10-005 Quiz 2


Twenty questions to help you prepare for CompTIA Network+ N10-005.

This practice test contains 5 questions, provided by Kaplan IT Training formerly Transcender.


Question 1:

You are working on the client in a network. What is the base network ID for this network?



Question 2:

You need to perform some administrative maintenance on a Cisco router. You decide to connect your notebook computer to the console port on the router. Which type of cable should you use?

A. crossover cable
B. patch cable
C. straight-through cable
D. rollover cable


Question 3:

What is the Ethernet-standard designation for a fiber-optic Fast Ethernet network topology?

A. 100Base-T4
B. 100Base-FX
C. 100Base-TX
D. 1000Base-CX


Question 4:

A user in the Engineering department is unable to log on to the network. The network has eight subnets and uses TCP/IP. There have been no other complaints from other departments. Which steps should help you isolate the cause of the problem? (Choose two.)

A. Ping the server.
B. Configure a WINS server.
C. Replace all the patch cables.
D. Establish whether other local-segment users are having the same problem.


Question 5:

Which type of virus is specifically designed to take advantage of the extension search order of an operating system?

A. boot sector replication
B. companion
C. non-resident
D. resident


Congratulations, you have completed this practice quiz and are one step closer to getting certified!

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