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CISSP Practice Quiz 2


Five questions to help you prepare for ISC2 CISSP

This practice test contains 20 questions, provided by Kaplan IT Training formerly Transcender.


Question 1:

You are implementing enterprise access management for your company. You need to ensure that the system you implement allows you to configure a trust with another company such that your users can access the other company's network without logging in again. What should you implement to ensure that this trust can be configured?

A. password management
B. smart cards
C. federated identity management
D. biometrics

Question 2:

You are creating a wireless network for your company. You need to implement a wireless protocol that provides maximum security while providing support for older wireless clients. Which protocol should you choose?

A. Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
B. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
C. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
D. Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)

Question 3:

What is a risk trigger?

A. a risk response strategy
B. a metric used to measure the impact of a risk
C. an event that indicates that a risk has occurred or is about to occur
D. an individual who is responsible for alerting the team when a given risk occurs

Question 4:

Which spyware technique inserts a dynamic link library into a running process's memory?

A. SMTP open relay
B. buffer overflow
C. cookies
D. DLL injection

Question 5:

What is key clustering?

A. When two different keys encrypt a plaintext message into the same ciphertext
B. The estimated time, effort, and resources needed to break a cryptographic system
C. The act of transforming data into a readable format
D. The practice of breaking cryptographic systems

Congratulations, you have completed this practice quiz and are one step closer to getting certified!

For a more complete study guide for the CISSP, check out Kaplan IT Training formerly Transcender.