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Question 3:

Nopester Inc., a CD manufacturer uses Metallic Corporation for making jewel cases. When the inventory of jewel cases falls under the reorder level, Nopester communicates with Metallic via faxes. Nopester now wants to build a solution for its supply chain management. Metallic uses a legacy system that supports CORBA interfaces for other companies to interface to them. Metallic's servers are protected by firewalls and will only let HTTP or HTTPS requests through. What is Nopester's best option here?


Since Metallic will not let CORBA requests through, Nopester should continue sending faxes.

Nopester should take its business away to Metallic's competitors.

Nopester should use the popular SOAP protocol since SOAP requests communicate over HTTP.

Nopester should use a concept called HTTP tunneling to communicate with Metallic.