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Question 16:

What results from the following code?

1.    class MyClass
2.    {
3.        void myMethod(int i) {System.out.println("int version");}
4.        void myMethod(String s) {System.out.println("String version");}
5.        public static void main(String args[])
6.        {
7.            MyClass obj = new MyClass();
8.            char ch = 'c';
9.            obj.myMethod(ch);
10.        }
11.    }

A. Line 4 will not compile as void methods can't be overridden.
B. An exception at line 9.
C. Line 9 will not compile as there is no version of myMethod which takes a char as argument.
D. The code compiles and produces output: int version.
E. The code compiles and produces output: String version.