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Question 20:

You are a junior administrator for Quest solutions .You manage the servers for one of your company's branch offices at Dallas. You install the Domain Name System (DNS) Server service on a computer named DNS-Dallas that is running Windows Server 2003. You create a DNS zone named on DNS-Dallas, and you configure the client computers and other servers at your office to use DNS-Dallas as their DNS server. The DNS administrator at your company's main office at Seattle delegates the subdomain to DNS-Dallas.

You already have a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server at Dallas. The DHCP leases for laptop computers have a lease length of 2 hours. You want to ensure that DNS records created in for the laptop computers are removed when the records expire.

What should you do?

A. Enable negative caching
B. Enable scavenging
C. Set the Time-to-Live (TTL) value for the zone to 0
D. Set a No Refresh interval