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Question 9:

You are the network administrator for your company Fashion Clothing and Accessories. The domain is a single Active Directory domain. All servers run the Windows Server 2003 operating system. The company has recently adopted a new security policy. This policy states that IPSec must be used for all communications between servers. You configure an IPSec policy and apply it to the domain.

You monitor the servers and realize that the servers are not applying the policy. You check and discover that they are not retrieving the policy from the domain. When the servers are started, they must apply this policy.

What should you do?

A. Use the startup type of Manual for the IPSec service.
B. Configure the IPSec policy as static using the netsh command.
C. Configure the IPSec policy as dynamic using the netsh command.
D. Assign the IPSec policy on each server in the local computer policy.