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Question 15:

You are a consultant to 'Proware', a data warehousing company that has branches in 5 locations.

They have newly acquired a small time data warehousing company 'Reliable Data Services'. The company, Reliable Data Services, has just one branch and a main office.

Both these companies each use Windows Server 2003 single domain forest.

The CEO at Proware insists that since operations will soon be completely merged and hence the resources are shared totally and transparently between both these forests, but accountability be set for the same. As a result, a two-way trust relationship has been established between the two forests.

You have been called upon to suggest methods to set accountability, resource access, and provide a secure method of authentication between the two forests.

What would you suggest? Each option forms a part of the total solution. Choose all that apply.

A. Audit access to resources.
B. Implement certificates.
C. Use software update policies to ensure that only the required computers and the required users get to use the required software.
D. Implement Kerberos V5.
E. Implement Preshared key.