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Question 20:

You are in the process of migrating from Windows NT 4.0 network to Windows Server 2003 forest that has a single tree with multiple domains in various levels of its hierarchy. You intend to take the forest to the Windows Server 2003 mode after you complete the migration of one last Windows NT 4.0 domain.

In this domain, there is also a Certificate server. After migrating all other components, you upgrade this Certificate Server to Windows Server 2003 Certificate Server. You come across some warning, which you ignore. You complete the installation successfully and restart the system.

After the restart, you notice that the system does not contain any option in the Administrative tools to manage the Certificate Server. You inspect the services and notice that the Certificate Server service no longer exists.

What could have gone wrong? Choose all that apply.

A. The Certificate Service was not installed in the first place.
B. There must have been some problem during the start up that would have stopped the Certificate Server service from starting.
C. Windows NT 4.0 Certificate Service cannot be upgraded or migrated directly to Windows Server 2003 Certificate Service.
D. If the installation of Windows Server 2003 Certificate service went ahead in spite of the warnings, the service will automatically uninstall itself in the end.
E. There could have been licensing issues with the service.