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Question 6:

The network you are managing uses a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Server for automatic IP assignment. You notice that over a period, IP Lease renewal process becomes very problematic for clients who access the DHCP server from across a router that has a BootP agent installed.

You decide to investigate the problem and realize that the best way to analyze the problem is to capture enough data about how requests are reaching the DHCP server and how fast they are being processed.

What should you do? Choose all that apply.

A. Login as administrator or use the 'Run as' command.
B. Start the Performance monitor and begin to capture the required data on the DHCP Server.
C. Use the 'Run as' command on the DHCP server.
D. Start Network Monitor.
E. Click on 'Start Capture' and after a while, click on 'Stop Capture'.
F. Analyze the DHCP requests, acknowledgements, and negative acknowledgements.
G. Analyze the data of the hardware counters captured.