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Question 8:

You are the administrator for 'Mason and Duncan', a legal firm based in Chicago.

They have implemented a Windows NT 4.0 based network, which is using static IP addressing. Since they have been acquiring law firms rapidly, it is no longer convenient for them to use the flat domain structure of Windows NT 4.0. They have now decided to migrate to Windows Server 2003 network that has a single forest and multiple trees. You have been asked to design the network as per their requirements.

In the meantime, they have a few more requirements added to the design.

You are required to:
-- Ensure that the remote users will not have the same set of IP addresses used by the corporate network.
-- Ensure that special project users will use a separate public IP address to connect to the Internet, when compared with the rest of the corporate network.

What would you suggest? Choose all that apply.

A. Configure the Remote access server to assign a different scope for each of the groups such as: Corporate user, Remote user, and Special group user.
B. Exclude the range of IP addresses used by remote clients and configure the Remote Access Server with a specific range of IP addresses that need to be issued to remote clients.
C. Configure the DHCP to have a different scope for special projects group. Use NAT to direct corporate users and special project group each, to different public IP addresses respectively, to connect to the Internet.
D. Configure the network in such a way that the special projects group would be in a different subnet than the corporate users. Enable NAT in the network to direct each of these subnets to their respective public IP addresses, to access the Internet.
E. Configure the Remote Access Server with an IP address range that will be issued to remote clients requesting connection.