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MCSA SQL Server 2008 Practice Quiz: 70-432 Quiz 1

This practice test contains 7 questions and answer explanations, provided by MeasureUp.

Question 1:

You manage a default instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

SQL Server Agent Mail is currently configured to use SQL Mail for sending e-mail notifications. SQL Server Agent is configured to start automatically any time you start the SQL Server Database Engine service.

You create a private database mail profile. You use sp_send_dbmail to test the profile and verify that it can be used to send mail. You configure SQL Server Agent Mail to use Database Mail and enable and select the profile you created. After configuring SQL Server Agent Mail to use Database Mail, the SQL Server Agent no longer sends notifications to any operators.

You need to correct the problem so that alert and job completion notification e-mails are sent to the designated operators. You need to have minimal impact on SQL Server operations.

What should you do?

A. Restart the SQL Server Database Engine service
B. Create a public database mail profile and configure SQL Server Agent Mail to use the public profile
C. Restart the SQL Agent service
D. Create a private profile for each of the designated operators
E. Create a public profile for the designated fail-safe operator