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This practice quiz contains 10 questions, provided by by Joseph Phillips, PMP and Project+ certified, creator of the , instructor, and and author of numerous books on project management, among other impressive credentials.

Question 1:

One of the inputs to the project charter is the project statement of work. This document references all of the following except for which one?

A. Business need
B. Product scope description
C. Project scope description
D. Strategic plan


Question 2:

What process is a project manager doing when she defines and documents the stakeholders’ needs to meet the project objectives?

A. Collect requirements
B. Quality assurance
C. Quality control
D. Scope verification


Question 3:

Your organization is using a focus group to identify the requirements for a new project. Who leads the focus group?

A. A trained moderator
B. A project manager
C. A project sponsor
D. A contract-based project manager


Question 4:

What term is best assigned to a group of cross-functional employees that meet to define requirements in a manufacturing environment? Choose the best answer:

A. Requirements gathering session
B. Brainstorming
C. Matrix requirements gathering
D. Quality Function Deployment


Question 5:

Which group creativity technique can a project manager use if he wants to define many ideas and then categories these ideas with a voting process?

A. Brainstorming
B. Nominal group technique
C. Affinity diagram
D. Delphi technique


Question 6:

You are the project manager of the NHQ Project for your organization. You’re working with your project to examine the work packages of the WBS and subdivide these elements into the project activities. What term is given to this technique?

A. Synergy
B. Decomposition
C. Activity definition linking
D. Control account plans


Question 7:

When using the precedence diagramming method in activity sequencing there are four types of logical relationships. Which one of the following is not one of the four logical relationship types?



Question 8:

Bob is creating his project’s precedence diagramming method. In this planning he’s noted that the walls in the project must be primed before the walls can be painted. What term best describes this relationship?

A. Soft logic
B. Hard logic
C. Precedence identification
D. Predecessor dependency


Question 9:

Bethany is creating a project schedule estimate for the GHD Project for her company. This project is similar to one she just completed – which took six months of duration. Based on the previous project Bethany predicts that the GHD project will also last for six months. What type of estimating is Bethany using?

A. Definitive
B. Analogous
C. Bottom-up
D. Parametric


Question 10:

Henry has predicted the following estimates for an activity: optimistic = 24 hours, most likely, 35 hours, pessimistic 65 hours. How long do you think the activity will actually take?

A. 42 hours
B. 65 hours
C. 35 hours
D. There’s not enough information to know for certain


Congratulations, you have completed this quiz!

Thanks again to Joseph Phillips, PMP and Project+ certified, creator of the for providing these practice questions