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  • Immigration Reforms Fall Short of High Tech's Needs

    Now that the RAISE act aimed at reforming immigration is out in the open, we can take its measure. Alas, most of the Trump White House's ideas are too restrictive and don’t respect the wishes of the free market

  • Job Numbers Pop Back Into 'Normal Growth' Range

    There's reason for cautious optimism with the release of U.S. job numbers for June. The ship is still taking on water in a few spots, but we may not be sinking anymore.

  • Google Offers 8-month IT Support Professional Certificate Program

    Google has partnered with Coursera to put together an eight-month online certificate program for aspiring IT professionals. Now they’re pushing out into higher ed channels.

  • Pearson VUE Cert Survey Sheds Interesting Light on IT Landscape

    When a major test facilitator like Pearson VUE reports on certification test-takers, it’s probably worth taking notice. Of particular interest: Who is taking what kinds of certification exams?

  • A 'Definitive' Top 10 List of Security Certs for 2021

    What-ho? Is that list of the best cyber certs? Ed Tittel hops across the pond to evaluate a compilation of "top" information security certifications that originated at the website UK Cyber Security News.

  • Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts and Certs Bearing the Promise of Fat Paycheck

    Ed Tittel encounters another article linking huge salaries to certification... and beats it roundly with his "But" stick.

  • Pro Tips: Get IT Done from Your Home Office

    As somebody who has worked out of a home office since 1994, I have my own thoughts about a CompTIA blogger's recommended best practices for home-based IT professionals, as well as some tips of my own.

  • Slow Growth Returns with August Employment Report

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 151,000 new jobs were created in August. Ed Tittel says that's enough to consider the economy to have resumed its sluggish growth.

  • The Value of Certification vs. Verification and Reporting

    TEKsystems recently surveyed both tech professionals and tech executives and managers about the impact of certifications. Ed Tittel peruses their findings.

  • Microsoft Wants YOU ... to Start Adopting its New Platforms

    Microsoft Learning is preparing to wash its hands of a laundry list of old certification exams. Ed Tittel says there's a clear directive embedded in all of the changes.

  • Valuable Outputs from 'Women in Data Science' Event at Stanford

    A follow-up report from a recent IT conference at Stanford University tips off Ed Tittel to a wealth of developments stemming from the blossoming involvement of women in the fast-growing data science field.

  • March U.S. Employment Report: Good News and Bad News

    The U.S. employment outlook continues to be a hot topic, including inside the IT realm. Ed Tittel sorts through the latest numbers.

  • CompTIA Dives Deep Into U.S. Tech Sector Employment

    The release of CompTIA's annual Cyberstates reports has Ed Tittel in an IT employment state of mind for the second week in a row. There's an enormous amount of excellent data available.

  • Spiceworld 2018 Shows the Astounding Power of Community

    content, product reviews, and free apps, recently wrapped up its annual SpiceWorld conference in Austin, Texas. Ed Tittel attended and likes what he saw.

  • CASP vs. CISSP: The Real Fight Is For Candidates' Attention

    CompTIA security guru Patrick Lane compared his organization's CASP and (ISC)²'s CISSP and found in favor of CASP. Ed Tittel says job posting and salary numbers tell a somewhat different story.

  • Remember, IT Pros: It's the Giving Season

    As the holiday season kicks into high gear, Ed Tittel has some advice for IT pros in the mood to kick their charitable instincts into high gear.

  • IT Certification: Looking Back, Looking Forward

    Who's ready for a ride in the wayback machine? In closing out 2018, Ed Tittel reflects on the history of IT certification, as well on what lies ahead.

  • Certification in the (Front of the) Classroom

    Do you need to have an IT certification yourself in order to teach other people who are studying to achieve certification? Ed Tittel examines a new trend toward requiring instructors to be certified.

  • A Rock Solid Cybersecurity Certifications 'Best' List

    CRN magazine bowls over Ed Tittel with a "mike drop" caliber list of the best cybersecurity certifications to add to your portfolio in 2019. (Listmakers: Want to get on Ed's "Good List" List? Show your work!)

  • What Are IT Skills Worth in 2019?

    Global Knowledge has released a preview of its forthcoming 2019 IT Skills and Salary report. Ed Tittel weighs in on both the preview itself and a preview assessment from Forbes magazine.

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