Another survey points to increased IT hiring

Up until the last month or two, it had been a while since IT professionals looking to change jobs, bounce back from a layoff, or make an initial entrance into the tech field, could anticipate a wave, or even a ripple, of new hiring. In recent weeks, however, signs of turnaround have been popping up like spring dandelions, and there's a rising tide of optimism.

The latest positive indicators to emerge are contained in a study released by Computer Economics, now in its 25th year of predicting trends in the IT job market. Perhaps the most significant good news is the revelation that 52 percent of IT firms in the United States and Canada plan to increase their total number of IT employees over the next year. CE reports that this is the first time since 2007 that more than half of all IT firms are planning to add staff.

That finding is based on a survey of more than 200 U.S. and Canadian IT firms. And there's additional good news beyond the 52 percent figure: 31 percent of firms indicated that they have no plans to hire additional staff, but also no plans to reduce IT headcount. Only 17 percent of firms are planning to eliminate IT positions.

Big companies are projected to do most of the hiring, but there are positive indicators for midsize employers as well. Perhaps not surprisingly, given recent startling reports about the breadth and economic impact of cybercrime, the sector projected to do the most hiring in coming months is financial companies. Healthcare companies, with the next-most substantial hiring plans, are also planning to make a major push.

There will be money available to assist the new employees in doing their jobs (and receiving their paychecks). Though the gains are modest, IT operational budgets at many firms are projected to increase. On the other hand, IT capital investment is in a holding pattern — this probably isn't the year you can expect to finally get that new server array, or replace the aging laptops in the office tech pool.

CE's full report, IT Spending and Staffing Benchmarks 2014/2015, can be purchased online.

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