AXELOS Makes Move to Increase Agility of PRINCE2

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Sometimes two things go together so well that it's hard to imagine why they were ever separate in the first place. Peanut butter and chocolate, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man — examples abound. The basic opinion in such instances tends to be, how did that not seem obvious to everyone all along? To the list of such mutually and effectually destined pairings, we can now add the project management methodology PRINCE2 and the product development model Agile.


Earlier this week, the public/private business-and-IT best practices firm AXELOS, which curates a number of methodologies formerly controlled by the U.K. Office of Government Commerce, announced it has blended key philosophies of PRINCE2 and Agile to create an all new blueprint for working smarter and completing projects: PRINCE2 Agile. The new hybrid is the subject of an official guidebook, and training for those who wish to become PRINCE2 Agile certified.


Though media materials do not specify a certification structure for PRINCE2 Agile, it seems likely that the new credential will eventually mirror the existing PRINCE2 structure. Currently available PRINCE2 certifications, called qualifications in the United Kingdom, are offered in a three-tiered structure with Foundation, Practitioner and Professional levels. The PRINCE2 credential has a robust following, with more than 139,000 exams administered just in 2014.


Peter Hepworth, CEO of AXELOS, said in a statement to media that melding PRINCE2 and Agile was a response to trends already evident among PRINCE2 certificants. "We already know that a quarter of UK based PRINCE2 Practitioners are applying agile concepts to their project delivery, and we're confident that following the launch of PRINCE2 Agile that number will increase significantly around the globe," Hepworth said. "Organizations that adopt agile processes benefit from being able to deliver products �early and often.'


"(Those organization) can start generating returns on their investment much earlier than competitors who are yet to take advantage of the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile."


The PRINCE2 and Agile concepts and methods were combined through the efforts of a panel of more than 40 subject matter experts, including representatives from both camps. Prior to taking steps to formulate PRINCE2 Agile and bring it to market, AXELOS consulted extensively with project management practitioners and trainers who expressed strong interest in the benefits of Agile.


The first three chapters of the new Prince 2 Agile guidebook can be downloaded free of charge, and are offered alongside other free information to help interested parties better understand the new math (so to speak).

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