CBT Nuggets Launches New Video Training for A+ (902), CCNA Certs

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Global IT training provider CBT Nuggets (CBT) continues to add to their comprehensive video library with the release of several new entry-level training series: CompTIA A+ 220-902, Cisco�s CCNA Wireless, and CCNA Collaboration. CBT is known for their short training videos that present essential training in bite-size "nuggets of knowledge."


CompTIA A+ 220-902, a follow-up series to Anthony Sequeira's popular CompTIA A+ 220-901 training, covers the important updated topics of Windows and other operating systems and technologies, security software troubleshooting, and operational procedures.


According to Sequeira, one of the main reasons for splitting A+ training into two segments is because, "The amount of material for A+ is now overwhelming, especially considering that it's targeted at entry-level IT pros."


This split format provides full-coverage for each exam making it easier for students to study and pass both exams. Instead of cramming all the pertinent information in at once, students can now study for the A+ 220-901 exam, pass it, and then tackle the A+ 220-902.


One useful study feature is that both courses combined offer students almost 800 electronic flash cards. The software is intelligent — it asks a question and the student's ability to answer it is rated as either hard, medium or easy.


To reinforce learning and recall, the hard flash cards will appear next time the student logs in to their course. Medium and easy questions are reviewed less often. CBT reports a high-level of student satisfaction with the cards, saying that they are "helping students pass the 901 exam at a very high rate."


The A+ series is designed to provide comprehensive training to individuals looking to begin a career in IT. "It teaches the most common hardware and software technologies in business today, and helps students go on to support complex IT infrastructures," said Sequeira.


Two additional new releases by CBT are Cisco CCNA Wireless and Cisco CCNA Collaboration.


CCNA Wireless covers the fundamentals of Wireless LANs (WLANs), including topics such as the integration of Access Points (APs), WLAN Controllers (WLCs), the implementation of WLAN security, and more. Wireless training is in high-demand due to the wide-spread increase in mobile device usage. More employees than ever before are working away from their offices and connecting via laptops, tablets and smart phones.


The CCNA Collaboration series provides the core skills needed to implement and support converged network endpoints and deliver completely new functionalities to the desk of every user in an organization. Collaboration technology usage and training are also growing rapidly. The greater demand for collaboration is being driven by an increase in employee productivity and overall cost savings.


CBT's new releases continue to feature high-quality videos that target specific topic areas while maintaining that "sweet-spot" of study time duration — 10-15 minutes. They also retain the usual four popular features:


? Accountability coaches that help students stay on track for certification by helping them see the value of what they are doing, setting achievable goals, and overcoming roadblocks.
? Transcender Practice Exams are also available on CBT's website. The practice exams enable a student to test and evaluate their knowledge level and abilities and help them to focus on areas in which they may need more practice.
? Hands-on virtual labs that create real-world examples help students not just learn, but actually practice their new skills and abilities.
? Offline training availability. Students can access courses 24 hours a day and are able to download up to 10 hours of training videos to watch any place at any time.


CBT training covers the top IT vendors including Amazon, Cisco, CompTIA, Google, ITIL, Microsoft, Palo Alto, VMware and more. Their comprehensive video library currently contains more than 11,000 videos covering more than 200 topics, with 4 to 5 new courses each month and 2 to 3 new videos per day.


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