CertBlaster Helps You Tackle Network+ and Security+ Exams

Want to study up for Network+ or CompTIA+? CertBlaster has you covered.

According to recent research by CompTIA, U.S. companies employed more 1.3 million people in computer networking and cybersecurity jobs at the end of last year. That may sound like a lot, until you consider that U.S. employers posted more than 2.5 million IT job openings just in 2017.


There's a great deal of opportunity out there, and certification is an excellent means of learning new IT skills, or getting old skills back up to snuff in areas where you may have lost a little ground. Of course, taking a certification exam is no small commitment. Especially if you're just entering the tech sector, you need to be well prepared.


CertBlaster offers some of the more robust training packages out there, and is ready to help you dial in on two of the more popular credentials available. The Network+ and Security+ credentials offered by CompTIA have both been refreshed in the past six months.


That means there's brand new material to learn for both the new Network+ exam, N10-007, and the new Security+ exam, SY0-501. And that's in addition to everything already covered in both exams that hasn't changed.


Not to worry: CertBlaster is completely prepared to help you load up, take aim, and blast both exams out of the water. You'll be ready to jump into the wide open cybersecurity and computer networking job markets before you know it.


Take a look at all of the special features:


Network+ Exam Simulator from CertBlaster


Access to more than 500 practice questions: You get answers and explanations to both multiple-choice and peformance-based questions.

Fresh material: New content is uploaded every quarter to help keep you on your toes.

Exam Simulation x 5: The simulator includes five full practice exams with the same number of questions and same timer as the real deal.

Focus Drills x 5: Each focus drill addresses one of CompTIA's five primary Network+ exam domains. Zero in on the areas you find most challenging!

User Modes x 3: You can work in either the Assessment (Testing) mode, Study mode, or Certification mode.


Security+ Exam Simulator from CertBlaster


Access to more than 450 practice questions: As with Network+, answers have explanations to help you understand what you're learning. Performance-based and scenario-based questions are also part of the mix.

Fresh material: Here again, question banks are refreshed on a quarterly basis to keep you from getting too used to the same questions and answers.

Exam Simulations x 4: With access to four full-length simulated and timed exams, you'll know exactly what it feels like to sit for the real thing.

Focus Drills x 6: There are six exam domains, and six corresponding focus drills. Focus on the areas where you need the most work.

User Modes x 3: You can work in either the Assessment (Testing) mode, Study mode, or Certification mode.


On top of all of that, CertBlaster lets you can create a customized Personal Testing Plan for either Network+ or Security+, to zero in on areas where your skills need to be sharpened. Feedback includes both an overall exam grade and a grade that measures your peformance on questions for each of the CompTIA exam objectives.


It would be hard to make your study and training more convenient: All Network+ and Security+ content is online and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once you've got your product licencse (good for two years), you can use whatever device is convenient for you and review or relearn material as often as you like.


Careful with this last item: Your eyes may fall out of your head when you see the price. You can click over to CertBlaster for details, but let's just say that the price is already impressively low, and that there's a $10 off coupon code right there on the page.


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