CertBlaster Releases New CompTIA A+ 900 Series Study Bundle

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That was fast. CompTIA released the 900 series of exams for its globally popular A+ certification on Dec. 15. Now CertBlaster is ready to help you train for — and pass — exam 220-901, which tests knowledge of computer hardware, and exam 220-902, which tests knowledge of computer software. The new CertBlaster A+ study bundle is available now.


CompTIA (more formally known as the Computing Information Technology Industry Association) releases a new version of its most popular exams every three years. The three-year interval ensures that each exam keeps pace with changes in the fast-evolving information technology realm. Sometimes, even a three-year renewal cycles doesn't ensure that every recent innovation is addressed.


For example, The 900 series of exams are brand new, but they don't yet address changes made to Microsoft's popular Windows operating system with the release of Windows 10. (It's a timing issue, though not precisely in the way you might expect: CompTIA SMEs only include material in the exams that computer technicians are widely expected to be familiar with. Since Windows 10 hasn't yet been widely adopted for enterprise use, PC techs aren't yet widely required to have full familiarity with its unique features.)


CertBlaster uses two different types of study tools to help certification candidates prepare. There are nine different focus drills, each of which aligns with one of the individual A+ knowledge domains (four for 220-901 and four for 220-902). There are also eight full simulated exams. Each exam has the same number of questions and the same timing setup as an actual A+ exam — exam candidates who can beat the simulations should feel pretty confident of their ability to pass an actual exam.


The CertBlaster A+ study suite challenges certification candidates with both exhaustive drills and comprehensive practice exams. There are more than 550 study questions for exam 220-901, 360 in the practice exams, and 199 in the drills. Similarly, the 220-902 study material has 360 practice exam questions, and 145 questions in the drills.


There are also different practice exam study modes in CertBlaster that allow users to tailor their study experience:


? Assessment mode doesn't show any answers and uses the regular exam timer, but also creates specific feedback and draws up a personalized study plan.
? Study mode makes answers available with each question and lets the user determine timing. This mode also creates feedback and a personalized study plan.
? Certification mode is just like the real deal. The user can go through the test exactly as they'll encounter it on exam day.


CompTIA's A+ is a great way for IT newcomers to get a comprehensive introduction to computer technology. The test can be challenging to candidates who have only a casual acquaintance with computer hardware and software, so a solid training and practice product is likely to have a big impact on exam preparation.

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