CertBlaster Uses Simulation-Based Training to Prep Network+ Certification Candidates

CertBlaster offers a feature-rich training tool to prepare you for CompTIA's Network+ exam.

There's a reason that Network+, the computer networking certification managed by tech industry association CompTIA, has become the IT equivalent of "required reading." Along with its close cousins, A+ and Security+, Network+ is a career linchpin credential both recognized and requested by employers.


Right now is a great time to be laying the cornerstone of a career in networking, too. Among U.S. tech professionals, the median annual salary for network administrators is nearly $80,000, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 20 percent increase in networking employment opportunities by 2026.


Network+ can help both IT newcomers and career switchers alike surf the employment wave being pushed by the Internet of Things, and simulation-based training from CertBlaster can help learners navigate the tricky course to certification. CertBlaster is uniquely equipped to help certification candidates learn and retain key networking concepts.


Like other CertBlaster training suites, the Network+ N10-007 exam simulator offers a variety of learning tools, starting with 500 exam-style questions. Each question comes with detailed explanations of the correct answer, and users can tackle each question, including some that are performance-based, over and over again.


You'll recognize the exam format by the time you actually get to an authorized CompTIA testing center, but more than that you'll be ready to answer the questions. Thanks to CertBlaster's four different full-exam simulations, you'll be thoroughly prepared and ready to demonstrate your computer networking fluency.


The web-based exam simulator, which you can access from anywhere that you have a computer and an internet connection, has different modes to help you at different stages of your certification preparation:


Assessment Mode helps determine where the gaps in your knowledge are and what areas of study you should focus on.

Study Mode gives you answers and explanations in real time, to help you understand each question top-to-bottom.

Certification Mode brings everything together and closely replicates the conditions of the actual CompTIA exam.


You'll also get ongoing detailed feedback as you study. Every CertBlaster exam simulator has a grading feature that keeps you oriented to the Network+ exam objectives; a history feature that provides complete tracking of your study efforts; and a Personal Testing Plan (PTP) with recommendations tailored to shore up your strengths and get you on track to eliminate weaknesses.


CompTIA has broad reach across the networking sector of the global IT workplace, and many employers use certification as key factor in hiring decisions. CompTIA reports that 96 percent of IT hiring managers include certification when assessing job candidates.


Network+ can be your first step down the path to a durable and fruitful career. The current Network+ exam isn't due to be upgraded until the spring of 2021 at the earliest. There's plenty of time to take advantage of CertBlaster's feature-rich N10-007 training and add Network+ to your r�sum�.


CertBlaster has a solid HTML5 backbone to keep you up and running no matter how you access it, whether by smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. And CertBlaster bundles have a two-year license — you'll have access to everything CertBlaster offers for 24 months from the date of activation.


There are lots of different ways to prepare for a certification exam. CertBlaster offers a good mix of reliable training tools and the convenience of any-hour online access.


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