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CompTIA Network+ N10-005 was released Dec. 1, 2011. It covers entry-level network objectives that are required knowledge for any network technician. This guide will include every source you need to pass the N10-005 exam, whether you decide to pay for study materials or not.


Just as with my other guides, I'll break down the free and the paid resources:


Free N10-005 Resources:

GoCertify — Has a great free N10-005 practice exam.

CrucialExams — Has flash cards, practice exams, common facts, all for free. This is a great resource.

ProfessorMesser — Professor Messer was also a star of my recent A+ article at His site is a great resource, with tons of free videos (189 videos, totaling nearly 15 hours' worth of content) for N10-005. It is also very well organized by objective.

ExamCompass — The needle on this compass points to five free Network+ quizzes as well as a common TCP and UDP Port Quiz and OSI Layers Quiz.


Paid N10-005 Resources:

TestOut — These guys make the list because of all the training I've used, theirs is simply the most complete. It has videos, text lessons, practice exams and, best of all, simulations. The simulations are really what sell their products. They allow you to actually apply the things you've learned in an  environment that's as close to real networking as you can get.

Amazon — aAs always, the largest library of books and ebooks anywhere on the internet flows from the retail giant. If print is your thing, look no further. 

ExamForce — You'll find some great software here, at a fairly affordable price. Use the code gocert20 to get 20% off!


That's it. With all the tools above, anyone should be able to pass the Network+ N10-005 exam with flying colors. Let me know in the comments if you have any other favorites! And watch for more guides in the coming weeks.


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