CompTIA Reports Backward Tick in IT Business Confidence

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Confidence is a funny thing. Say that you're getting ready for a night out. You've got the perfect outfit. A splash of that vibrant new cologne (or perfume). The mirror says that your dance moves are slicker than a banana peel. All of your friends are planning to check out the house party across town. Luck is in the air! And then you show up at the big shindig and ... directly across the room is another reveler wearing the exact same shirt and pants. It's twins! Aw, phooey. The evening has barely begun, but it already feels like you're driving home alone at 4 a.m. and wishing you'd had the sense to leave hours ago.


In a similar now-you-got-it, now-it's-gone vein, CompTIA says that IT businesses are suddenly having an attack of that familiar sinking feeling. According to a report made public on Friday by the always-vigilant IT industry association, tech-sector business confidence faltered over the past quarter, after surging through the end of fiscal year 2014 and into the first two quarters of fiscal year 2015.


Released four times a year over the past six years, the CompTIA IT Industry Business Confidence Index compiles the thoughts and inklings of executives and IT pros at 381 U.S. IT companies. (Did you know that there are more than 375 IT businesses in the United States alone?) Apparently, third-quarter jitters are fairly standard. Maybe it's just hard for IT business employers and employees to keep those game faces locked in when there are only three more months to bring it all home for the year.


It could just be that nobody wants to seem cocky. The report reveals that roughly seven out of every 10 firms surveyed feel that they are either on track to meet 2015 revenue goals, or even ahead of the pace. CompTIA analyst and executive Tim Herbert noted in a media dispatch announcing the BCI findings that being on track to meet or exceed goals is, after all, a stable state of affairs.


"Being on target likely means you are doing well," Herbert said. "The positive momentum in the economy over the last few years may have prompted companies to bump up their sales goals for this year."


BCI data was collected at the end June. Based on responses from those surveyed, CompTIA rated overall IT business confidence at 60.4 (as measured on a 100-point scale), which represents a dip of 2.8 percent from second-quarter findings. The complete report can be downloaded free of charge by anyone who completes a brief registration process that requires an e-mail address.

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