Dice.com Lists Most Challenging Tech Jobs to Hire For in 2016

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You know what they say in IT. Where there's smoke, there's hire. Ha! Pardon our Saturday morning sense of humor, but there is some truth to that observation. There's big demand for certain IT skills, and the smoke billowing from those hiring hotspots is a signal to tech pros: Show us your resume. If you have right stuff, then you can write your own ticket.


And if you don't have the right stuff, then the right certification can help you add skills to your arsenal. So which skills should you be looking to add? IT employment search facilitator Dice conducts regular surveys of employers, and issues reports. You can read about the January report here and here for additional insight about the skills employers are desperately seeking.


Right at the top of the list are Software Developers. There are lots of different developer certs, so if you need to brush up your existing technique, or you'd like to pursue a new direction, then the right developer credential can give you a head start on the competition.


Java professionals are also in demand, and Oracle (which owns Java) has a fistful of certs to get you up to speed. Speaking of proprietary technology, there's also a great deal of employment interest in the software framework .NET, developed by Microsoft in the early 2000s. Getting a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) credential would be a strong step to take on that front.


Dice says hiring managers are also fighting over skilled security professionals, as always, and between the likes of (ISC)2, ISACA, GIAC, EC-Council and others, there may be certs that teach security skills than in almost any other IT certification class. Even IT organizations that have a different focus entirely often offer security credential specific to their technology.


There's critical need for software engineers and software architects, and typically hot IT skill sectors like Big Data, DevOps, Mobile and Database are as competitive as ever. You can fine-tune your skills with a certification in all of these areas, and certification is often a dividing line used by employers to differentiate job candidates.


Don't let it be someone else whose resume pops off the top of the stack. Get a certification and cut to the front of the hiring line yourself.


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