Digital Marketing Institute raises profile through new partnership with Pearson VUE

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Cross one big concern off the list for candidates looking into certification with the Digital Marketing Institute. Those exams just got a lot more accessible. With its student population expanding, DMI has become the latest certification provider to hitch its exam wagon to well-known certification testing provider Pearson VUE. The new partnership will enable DMI to launch "a series of global certification exams."


The new arrangement will increase opportunities for students around the world, wherever they may reside, to take DMI exams. There may not quite be a testing center just over the back fence, but chances are that exam candidates will find a facility in much greater proximity than before, as the newly-minted partnership means "candidates can book tests at any of over 5,000 test centers in 180 countries around the world."


Exam candidates will also reap all of the other benefits familiar to Pearson constituents, including the likes of more or less immediate delivery of exam results.


The new agreement will help DMI offer its courses in new markets across Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. IT pros in those regions will have greatly improved access to DMI's Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, and can also immerse themselves in the disciplines covered by DMI's specialist diplomas, including "search, mobile, social media, and strategy and planning."


Headquartered in Ireland, Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) was established as a credentialing provider in 2008 to "to tackle the growing digital skills shortage and help people to upskill, retrain and kickstart their digital marketing career." DMI believes in reaching students around the world at a personal level, and has designed its marketing-intensive curriculum to be student-focused.


DMI's courses dive into the latest research and developments in this fast-evolving IT discipline, and have brought international acclaim to the school. Students pursuing DMI courses have access to support from experienced digital marketing experts and can pursue various study options to suit DMI curricula to their schedules. DMI is strongly involved in social media and works with "leading digital brands and agencies" to ensure that the most current methods and trends are taught. The organization's academic programs have been registered in more than 40 countries, and that number continues to increase.


DMI is having a banner year in 2014, surpassing previous records connected to both partner and student numbers. The firm's partnership with Pearson VUE will add to its expanding reach, and help bring digital marketing fundamentals more sharply into focus around the world.


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