Get Virtual and Advance Your Cybersecurity Career with (ISC)2 Security Congress

Sometimes cybersecurity breaches take everyone by surprise.

In the middle of March, an NBA basketball game between the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder brought fears to the surface that been bubbling through the shared subconscious of Americans for weeks. Suddenly, there could be no more glancing aside from the clear and present danger of COVID-19.

In many ways, the onset of the pandmic was like the bolt-out-of-the-blue emergence of a cybersecurity breach. Most breaches could have been prevented or lessened by action taken in response to early warnings, or just attention to current trends. The central importance to modern society of the internet and computer technology means that cybersecurity can't just be taken for granted.

The persistent and evolving threats to our information technololgy (IT) infrastructure means that the world needs a substanstial increase in the supply of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Cybersecurity professional association (ISC)2 is a leader in the recruitment and training of information age superheros, and a great way for interested individuals to kickstart or further their professional ambitions is to attend a professional conference.

(ISC)2 is offering an excellent opportunity for both seasoned professionals and eager newcomers to advance their training, forge valuable personal connections, learn about new and emerging threats, and generally bathe themselves in the industry zeitgeist, all while attending Security Congress 2020, Nov. 14-18 in ... well, that's a little different this time around.


You don't have to travel anywhere to participate in Security Congress 2020, unless maybe you think you can get a better internet connection at your place of work (or school) than at your place of dwelling. The COVID-19 pandemic isn't just metaphorical in its presenting direct challenges to established ways of doing business.


With a safe and productive in-person gathering off the table due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic, virtual conferencegoing is the new normal. That's as true for Security Congress in 2020 as it is for many other familiar and recurring events and occurrences in society. Given recent comments from top infectious disease experts, it may hold true in 2021 as well.


Come as you are to Security Congress 2020.

The location and the process may be different, but there's still plenty that will be familiar to Security Congress 2020 attendees. Each year, Security Congress brings together thousands of information security industry professionals, which makes it a great place to mingle with some of the brightest minds in cybersecurity.


There will also be discussions, workshops, certification and training opportunites, and keynote addresses from leading cybersecurity thinkers. Everything, in other words, the longtime participants have come to rely on to boost their knowledge of the industry and stay abreast of trends and current events.


If you hold (ISC)2 certifications, then Security Congress offers an opportunity to earn more than 45 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits toward recertification. There are also two days of intensive pre-conference training opportunities (Nov. 14-15) for security professionals who have had their sights on (ISC)2 certification, but haven't yet toed the line.


Now, you may look at the November dates of Security Congress and think, "It's too late! I've probably already missed registration." Cool your jets, flyboy. You still have more nearly two full weeks to get registered, and you can choose either an all-access pass, or use the single day pass options to attend whenever is most convenient for your schedule.


You can even still save on the overall cost of registration by becoming a member of (ISC)2. For example, you could shave $100 off the cost of an all-access pass by becoming a member. Think about all the things you could do with an extra $100 that you didn't have to spend on registering to attend Security Congress! You could get a brand-new bathrobe to wear as you relax in bed and watch the Security Congress keynote address.


You can jump over to the Security Congress website to seal the deal, as well as view agendas and finalize your plans. Don't hesitate to advance your cybersecurity career by attending a first-rate professional conference.


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