GoCertify gives thanks for our amazing readership

Hey, there! It's good to see you taking a moment to find out what's going on at your favorite IT certification website on one of the biggest holidays of the calendar year. Well, at least it is for those of your who, like us, are in the United States. We know that people come to GoCertify from all corners of the globe, and we appreciate that. We sincerely appreciate all of the visitors to our site, whether they're taking a break from turkey and mashed potatoes, or just stopping by in the course of an everyday Thursday.


GoCertify has been through a lot in the past 18 months. The website changed ownership last year and we've had our hands full keeping everything in motion while resurrecting a few dormant features, tweaking the site design and trying to expand our reach all at the same time. Not everything has changed, of course. Though there's a new crew behind the curtain, our illustrious founder, certification guru Anne Martinez, is still a vibrant and vital presence on the site, especially through her lists of top certifications. Anne's recent dip into digital forensics credentials is already one of the 30 most-read features in the 16-year history of GoCertify.


That says a couple of things about each of you out there. For one, that there are more of you than ever before. Visitorship to GoCertify has been building all year — today there are more than twice as many visitors to the site as we had in early summer 2013. It's not just that we have a bigger audience, however, but that visitors to the site are more engaged than ever before. And we think that's pretty cool. And we thank you for it. We're glad to be here, and we're glad that you're here with us. Ordinarily, this is the part where we'd offer each of your a celebratory $50 bill. We didn't quite have that in the budget, however, so we hope that you'll be content with the warmest expression of appreciation that our typewritten words can convey.


Oh, and we also got you a dancing turkey. You'll have to scroll a bit to see him:


Turkey with dance moves


Thanks for being there for us! We hope to see a whole lot more of each of you in December, and into the next year

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