GoCertify Goes Dark

GoCertify is going away.

Bill Clinton was President of the United States and hadn't even been impeached by the House of Representatives when GoCertify winked into existence, claiming its own point of light in the sprawling night sky of the rapidly growing internet. How long ago was that? Tim Berners-Lee created the first web browser a mere eight years before we showed up.

A little more than 25 years later, we're pulling over to the curb, cutting the engine, switching off the headlights, and, well, we can walk from here. Very few websites hang around forever. We're please and proud to have made it this far. Technically, of course, "we" are only standing on the shoulders of giants.

Clear up until 2013, GoCertify was mostly a one-woman band, the brainchild of IT certification guru Anne Martinez. The current team started running the show after Anne sold her creation to TestOut founder and CEO Noel Vallejo, and that got us all the way up until today.

IT certification has provided fertile soil for IT careers for decades, and we hope that, across the years, we've helped some of those seeds fall where they could take root, grow, and thrive. There's a lot of great IT certification-related content available here, for at least a little while longer.

We are extremely grateful for all of the talented writers and other contributors who have played a part in the success of GoCertify since the beginning. There have been a lot of hands on the plow in 25 years, and everyone who has contributed has helped to make the site better.

We're also extremely grateful to everyone who has visited GoCertify, whether to take a quiz, or read an article, or even just bask in the atmosphere, take away a measure of encouragement, and resolve to continue their individual IT certification journey. Earning an IT certification is often lonely and always challenging and we wish the best for everyone who attempts it.

This site was for you and is for you and — who knows? — maybe will be again at some point in the future. Thanks for letting us walk beside you.

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GoCertify's mission is to help both students and working professionals get IT certifications. GoCertify was founded in 1998 by Anne Martinez.