GoCertify is Giving Away the Farm (No, Not Literally)

The GoCertify Farm

Truth in advertising: GoCertify does not own a farm. Although if we did, then we would have tough time deciding what to grow there, because our thumbs are not very green. (They're kind of ordinary, really. And if they had an unusual color, then it would probably be whatever color helps you spread the word about IT certifications.)


Also because rutabagas sound cool, but does anyone really eat them? And if we grew beets, then our beet farm probably couldn't compete with the big guns.


The point is that we have no farm to give. But if we did, then we would think first of the many loyal visitors to sites in the GoCertify family. It's all of you who make it possible for us to keep doing what we love — which is telling the world about IT certifications, and how getting certified is the first step to an exciting and edifying career. We appreciate your interest in certification and your continued loyalty to everything we offer.


We appreciate it so much, in fact, that we're in a very giving and generous mood. We want you to help us spread the word about all of the good things that IT certification has to offer, and in return we're giving away some pretty cool prizes. They may not be as cool as a farm with cows, crops, a few chickens in the yard, a barn, a tractor and the sun setting behind the farmhouse as evening comes on.


(It sounds great, doesn't it? Maybe we wouldn't just give you our farm, after all.)


At any rate, we're not asking for much, and we're offering quite a bit in return. Just follow a few simple instructions, and you could win big.


First up, is our latest Apple Sport Watch giveaway. Help us get the word out about GoCertify and CertMag.com, and you'll be entered to win the fitness accessory of 2015!


GoCertify and CertMag Apple Watch Sport Giveaway


We also have a very impressive and very certification-centered giveaway in the works for TestOut Continuing Education. Take action today, and you could walk away with a free TestOut IT training course!


TestOutCE Single Course Giveaway


Finally, we have a pretty cool site that's devoted to the world of IT certification in India. Help us spread the word about GoCertify India, and you can put your name in the hat for an Android Moto 360 watch! (Because, yeah, we know, Apple isn't the only company on Earth that makes cool stuff.) Note: You may not be eligible for this giveaway if you don't live in India.


GoCertify India Android Moto 360 Giveaway


So what are you waiting for? Please take a few moments to help us increase our power to tell the world about certification, and you could walk away with a very cool prize. Tell your friends!


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