GoCertify Looks Back: Our 10 Most Popular Quizzes of 2023

What are the most popular quizzes to appear at GoCertify in 2023?

GoCertify has been in the quiz game since 2014, so this past year completed a decade of quizzes. We've upgraded out publishing tools a couple of times over that span, so there are numerous quizzes that have, fittingly, gone the way of all the earth. We still have plenty available, however, and they remain popular with site visitors.

We post two new certification quizzes almost every week, which means that over the course of a year there are about 100 new quizzes that appear on the site. Each quiz has 10 questions, so that's roughly 1,000 new questions every year to help IT certification candidates hone their skills.

There are several hundred quizzes on the site, and while some have gotten rather long in the tooth, even the older quizzes remain popular with quite a few visitors. For our year-end list, however, we are only considering quizzes that appeared at GoCertify for the first time in 2023.

So if you've ever wondered what other people do when they stop by GoCertify, well, now you have some hard numbers. Without further ado, the 10 most popular IT certification quizzes on the site this year are as follows:

1) A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1101 Quiz 21

2) A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1101 Quiz 20

3) Linux+ Practice Quiz: XK0-005 Quiz 1

4) A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1102 Quiz 20

5) A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1102 Quiz 21

6) CySA+ Practice Quiz: C00-003 Quiz 1

7) Tableau Quiz 1

8) Microsoft Certified Practice Quiz: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate (Core: AZ-800) Quiz 15

9) Linux+ Practice Quiz: XK0-005 Quiz 20

10) A+ Practice Quiz: 220-1101 Quiz 25

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