GoCertify Looks Back: Our Second 10 Most Popular Articles of 2019

Here are 10 more of our most popular articles of 2019.

It's 2020! A new year. A new decade. And, given that today is Friday, that would usually mean a new column from the Sage of Certification, Ed Tittel. As detailed in his final column of 2019, however, Ed is taking a well-deserved break this week for a solemn journey to Washington, D.C.


To make up for this week's lack of Ed, we decided to lengthen the list of Most Popular Articles that appeared on the site in 2019. Everybody loves a good recap, right? And sometimes articles come and go so quickly that even faithful readers miss seeing them the first time around.


So let's offer another tip of the cap to the talented writers who busily create content for us year in and year out. Today we'll go from GoCertify's 11th-most popular article of 2019, all the way down to its 20th-most popular article of 2019.


As previously described in this space, there are about 100 new articles addressing all facets of IT certification and employment that appear on GoCertify every year. So even if you read everything listed both here and in the previous installment in what is now a two-part series, you'll only have digested about one-fifth of everything posted here in 2019.


(We like to stay busy sharing awesome original content around here.)


To (once again) clarify, all of these are articles that first appeared on the site in 2019. That is to say that we aren't taking into account articles from past year that were (still) popular in 2019. There's a vast library of older articles available, and many of those are still regularly read, but they get enough attention already.


Without further ado, the second 10 most popular IT certification articles (11 through 20) to appear on the site in 2019 are as follows:


11) Six Hot Big Data Certifications for 2019 (Nathan Kimpel) — The Six Hot series strikes again. You may have noticed, incidentally, that there's a 2020 series already in motion. We've covered Linux certs and networking certs aleady and more lists are on the way!


12) Microsoft Streamlines Path to Azure Administrator Cert (Ed Tittel) — Microsoft loves to tinker with its IT certification program. After establishing a two-exam path to Azure Administrator certification in 2018, Microsoft reinvented the wheel after less than a year.


13) A Rock Solid Cybersecurity Certifications Best List (Ed Tittel) — As has been established already, GoCertify readers love a good list of "hot," "top," "best," etc., certifications.


14) Working in IT with No Computer Science (or Other Technical) Degree (Ed Tittel) — Do one have to go to college and get a computer science degree to find gainful IT employment? It's a perennially vexing question.


15) Six Niche Networking Certifications (Reena Ghosh) — We introduced a new series of lists of certifications last year by daring to venture off the beaten path a bit.


16) Six Tips to Help You Nail Your Next IT Job Interview (Nathan Kimpel) — An IT job interview isn't quite the same as any old employment interview. Here's some relevant advice (cleverly disguised as another list of six important things).


17) Crack the Code: Getting Started in Computer Programming, Part 2 (Aaron Axline) — Like The Empire Strikes Back, this is the rare sequel that, so it would seem, outshone the original (which we may or may not run into before the end of today's list).


18) Six Niche Security Certifications (Mike Chapple) — Everyone knows about CISSP, Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and so forth. There are, however, dozens of other notable (and highly employable) security certifications.


19) CompTIA Eyes New Certs: Big Data, Python, 'Expert' Tier (GoCertify Staff) — We like to rely on the experts, of course, but every now and then the core team gets a byline on this or that item of breaking news that attracts a high degree of interest.


20) Historic Hacks of the 1990s, Part 1 (Calvin Harper) — There was a lot of interest in this multi-part series on hackery and crackery from GoCertify's resident IT historian.



Would you like more insight into the history of hacking? Check out Calvin's other articles about historical hackery:
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