GoCertify Looks Back: Our Second 10 Most Popular Articles of 2022

Which GoCertify articles were the second 10 most popular of 2022?

Everybody loves a good recap, right? And sometimes articles come and go so quickly that even faithful readers miss seeing them the first time around.

So let's offer another tip of the cap to the talented writers who busily create content for us year in and year out. Today we'll go from GoCertify's 11th-most popular article of 2022, all the way down to its 20th-most popular article of 2022.

As previously described in this space, there are about 100 new articles addressing all facets of IT certification and employment that appear on GoCertify every year. So even if you read everything listed both here, in the previous installment, and in our coming part three, you'll only have digested a bit more than 25 percent of everything posted here in 2022.

Without further ado, here are the most popular GoCertify articles of 2022, from number 11 through number 20:

11) Study Shows Certifications Can Increase Worker Mobility "This is not meant to be cynical, nor to suggest that standards bodies like the ANSI, ISO, and IEC are only after money. But money is indeed part of the game, as is an ongoing commitment of time, effort, and diligence to get and stay accredited, particularly where certifications fall under this umbrella." (by Ed Tittel)

12) Can Entry-Level Certs Help Dislocated Workers? "I think this program looks great on paper. And it sounds like a pretty good deal for those lucky enough to find themselves a place in this program. I have to ask, however, 'How many of those 2,500 IT jobs in Iowa will be open to somebody with 12 weeks of training and A+ and IT Fundamentals+ certifications from CompTIA?' "(by Ed Tittel)

13) Jump Into IT with CompTIA Tech Career Academy "There is a price tag: The IT-Ready Technical Support program costs $8,500, paid upfront. State and federal scholarship and grant programs can cover some of that cost, however. And CompTIA itself offers a variety of discounts, grants, loans, and payment plans." (by GoCertify Staff)

14) Some Added Insight About CIO Insight's Seven Best Certs "Please don’t get me wrong: These are all great certs (even the now-obsolete MCSA). And even if the balance appears to be skewed toward those at mid-career or later levels of work experience, there’s nothing wrong with that. The biggest payoffs from certification do typically come later in one’s career." (by Ed Tittel)

15) Coursera Launches Certificate and Career Academy Program "Once per year, Coursera holds a conference during which it explains and explores its offerings, partnerships, and plans for the future. Coursera Conference 2022 just wrapped up; the company hosted more than 3,000 participants representing 2,000-plus organizations from 149 countries, including 132 partner organizations from 34 countries." (by Ed Tittel)

16) Prepare for a Job Interview by Researching Potential Employers "If you Google the fairly generic and broadly applicable phrase "Know Before You Go," one of the top results is an avalanche safety website operated by the Utah Avalanche Center. Out of all the hazards to be aware of when walking into an IT job interview, steering clear of a massive, enveloping, roaring surge of ice and snow is probably at or near the bottom of the list." (by GoCertify Staff)

17) Work on Your Wellness: Setting Boundaries "Setting realistic boundaries at work and in personal life is necessary for better performance and emotional and physical health. It's important to let people know what your limits are so that they understand what you can and can't accept. Reasonable coworkers, relatives, and friends will respect your boundaries and modify their conduct accordingly." (by Reena Ghosh)

18) Work on Your Wellness: Social Media "Social media is primarily user-created. Technology companies set up and maintain the platforms on which users engage with each other and share content. It can be a useful tool for staying connected and making new connections. Many use it judiciously with a sense of purpose and benefit. Yet social media use has the potential to become problematic if one gets too emotionally connected." (by Reena Ghosh)

19) Small Sample Size Certifications: Salary Survey Leftovers, Round 1 "Lots of that data gets reported, both in Certification Magazine itself and online at CertMag.com. Even with somewhere around 75 additional Salary Survey articles appearing at the website in the course of each year, however, there's still a mountain of data that doesn't really get used for anything at all." (by GoCertify Staff)

20) What Do We Mean When We Say: Cybersecurity Mesh "Years ago, when I first entered the professional IT sphere, cybersecurity was centered on firewalls and ports. This was enough to keep bad actors out and protect good people. Cybersecurity focused on building a perimeter wall around the physical organization. The cybersecurity world had an “inside” and an “outside” with a clear line in between." (by Nathan Kimpel)

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