GoCertify Looks Back: Our Third 10 Most Popular Articles of 2021

GoCertify toots our own horn! Here are some more of our most popular articles of 2021.

Oh boy! Here we go again — again — with stretching out our list of Most Popular Articles that appeared on the site in 2021. Everybody loves a good stretch, right? And sometimes articles come and go so quickly that even faithful readers miss seeing them the first time around.


So let's offer yet another tip of the cap to the talented writers who busily create content for us year in and year out. Today we'll go from GoCertify's 21st-most popular article of 2021, all the way down to its 30th-most popular article of 2021.


As previously described in this space, there are about 100 new articles addressing all facets of IT certification and employment that appear on GoCertify every year. So even if you read everything listed both here and in Part 1 and Part 2 of what is now a three-part series, then you'll only have digested about one-third of everything posted here in 2021.


Without further ado, here are the most popular GoCertify articles of 2021, from number 21 through number 30:


21) Get the Right Laptop for IT Certification and Training — "Because such a PC has to be compact and mobile and go with you wherever you are, an ultrabook or tablet PC makes a good platform for consuming training. It needs to be cheap enough to use as a 'second laptop,' so that you can avoid jumping back and forth between 'real work' and 'training work' on the same machine." (by Ed Tittel)


22) Who Invented the Computer? MIT Lincoln Laboratory and SAGE — "Ever wonder who the largest movie star of all time is? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at 7 feet 2 inches? Not even close. Maybe Andre the Giant at 7 feet 4 inches? Nope! (Although I still contend that Andre deserves an Oscar for his role as Fezzik in The Princess Bride). Godzilla? Doesn't count; he's CGI." (by Calvin Harper)


23) Google and Nvidia Partnership Could Lead to Certification — "In short, this lab is going to focus on collections of skills and knowledge that are uniquely valuable and in extremely high demand — as are the tools and technologies that the lab will make available. Am I wrong to think that there will be interesting and valuable training and certification possibilities and opportunities to come out of this nexus as well? I think not." (by Ed Tittel)


24) Single-Serving Certifications: Morsels of Discrete Data from the CertMag Salary Survey — "That's why today we have a fat serving of Salary Survey leftovers for you. These are odds and ends that ordinarily would get swept into the digital dustbin and be winked out of existence by the DELETE key. Sometimes it's interesting, of course, to look around at the (data) dump and see what ended up there." (by GoCertify Staff)


25) Who Invented the Computer? Two Smiths, One Susan, and SABRE — "If there were no open seats on a flight, then the ticketing agent would inform the travel agent, who in turn would call the customer, at which point the process would begin again. Slowing the process down even further was the fact that numerous ticketing agents would simultaneously be checking flights for other travel agents." (by Calvin Harper)


26) Work On Your Wellness: Get Enough Sleep — "Many IT pros work long hours and lose out on sleep. Regular sleep loss can have adverse effects on mental and physical functioning. This can affect one's performance at work as well as personal and social life." (by Reena Ghosh)


27) The Upcoming Role of AI Is Everywhere — "There's a not-so-quiet revolution happening across the entire field of computing. To put it in context, I have to take you on a trip down memory lane. When I first started in the computing industry in the mid-1980s (1983-86), AI was already a big deal for research and attempted development." (by Ed Tittel)


28) Learn Smarter, Not Harder: The Science of Better Self Education — "To me, the most important parts in these various lists include the notion of breaking learning into chunks, and then devoting intense but not-too-long sessions to tackling and mastering those chunks. Conventional wisdom is that it's hard to maintain deep and serious focus for more than 15-30 minutes." (by Ed Tittel)


29) Tuition-Free Community Colleges in the United States: What It Could Mean — "I want to ponder what universal access to two years of community college could mean, particularly for disadvantaged and underserved youth. It's hard not to see a host of potential advantages and benefits that a 'universal associate's degree' pathway might offer." (by Ed Tittel)


30) Work On Your Wellness: Socializing — "A study that looked into the effect of different activities on the mental health of people of age 50 and above — from 13 European countries, over a two-year duration — found that too many social relationships and excessive socializing can have adverse effects on mental health. As with all things in life, it's best to exercise moderation in one's social life as well." (by Reena Ghosh)



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