GoCertify Looks Back: Our Third 10 Most Popular Articles of 2022

Which GoCertify articles were the third 10 most popular of 2022?

Oh boy! Here we go again — again — with stretching out our list of Most Popular Articles that appeared on the site in 2022. Everybody loves a good stretch, right? And sometimes articles come and go so quickly that even faithful readers miss seeing them the first time around.

So let's offer yet another tip of the cap to the talented writers who busily create content for us year in and year out. Today we'll go from GoCertify's 21st-most popular article of 2022, all the way down to its 30th-most popular article of 2022.

As previously described in this space, there are about 100 new articles addressing all facets of IT certification and employment that appear on GoCertify every year. So even if you read everything listed both here and in Part 1 and Part 2 of what is now a three-part series, then you'll only have digested about one-third of everything posted here in 2021.

Without further ado, here are the most popular GoCertify articles of 2021, from number 21 through number 30:

1) What Do We Mean When We Say: Data Fabric "Data fabric can reduce risk by automating data quality processes. For companies and industries that need accurate data, the quality processes built into the design are crucial. Adopting a data fabric design can help with that. It can also accelerate delivery of insights with a single view of all relevant information across your enterprise, all of your storage locations, and even your particular industry." (by Nathan Kimpel)

2) Who Invented the Computer? The Rise of ATMs "The Bankograph failed to connect with customers for two reasons: First of all, most people were uncomfortable leaving their money in a machine overnight. Then there's the fact that the Bankograph's primary users were prostitutes and drug dealers — folks who wanted to avoid interacting with a teller." (by Calvin Harper)

3) San Antonio Program Makes a Unique Promise to Potential College Students "Here's a program with proven effectiveness in encouraging targeted student populations to attend college — the numbers more than bear it out. The same story also reports that only half of seniors in high school in San Antonio attend college, and only 34 percent carry on to earn a diploma." (by Ed Tittel)

4) Work on Your Wellness: Therapy and Counseling "Sometimes, habits form in response to feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, ennui, and helplessness. Attending to these emotions directly whenever they come up can help break the chain of behavior. Replacing a bad habit with a healthy one is another way of getting rid of unhealthy habits." (by Reena Ghosh)

5) Would Income Limits Help Sell Student Loan Forgiveness? "I paid those loans off by the early 1990s, but I was never out of work or unable to work following graduation. I don't think I would have qualified for the cut-offs the Biden Administration is considering except that my wife doesn't work outside the home and we therefore qualify as married, but with only a single income." (by Ed Tittel)

6) ISACA Research Reveals Tightening Cybersecurity Labor Market "What's the old proverb? Keep your friends close and your skilled cybersecurity employees closer? That seems about right in 2022. Cybersecurity has both a skills gap and a directly related hiring gap. There aren't enough skilled cybersecurity professionals entering the job market. Ergo, competition for those available is fierce." (by GoCertify Staff)

7) College Promise Programs Are a Bright Idea We Should All Support "Because most community college-level degree or certificate programs stress preparation for the workforce — often, for specific job roles or career paths — this creates a win-win situation for everyone. All of the cities and colleges, all of the businesses and other program sponsors, all of the participants involved — everyone benefits." (by Ed Tittel)

8) Small Sample Size Certifications: Salary Survey Leftovers, Round 4 "Respondent 1 is male, between the ages of 45 and 54, and lives in Austria. He has an average annual salary of more than $200,000, or more than €189,133. The highest level of education he has completed is a high school diploma." (by GoCertify Staff)

9) (ISC)2 Security Congress to Convene in City of Lights (Not Paris) "Entertainer Milton Berle famously quipped that the sun-dappled paradise would have been better named Lost Wages, while others refer to Vegas as the Entertainment Capital of the World, the Gambling Capital of the World, the Marriage Capital of the World, or the Neon Capital of the World. Some locals call it the Bone Yard, referencing the continual construction of new buildings." (by GoCertify Staff)

10) Who Invented the Computer? Douglas Engelbart and the Mother of All Demos "Numerous colleges and universities experienced student protests warning of the potential misuse of private data. These fears even reached Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. when the Johnson administration unveiled a plan to centralize all government data into a single government-controlled database. Numerous senators and congressmen thundered against that plan during energetic floor speeches." (by Calvin Harper)

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