GoCertify Will Be Home for the Holidays

GoCertify is taking a holiday break, but we aren't turning out the lights completely!

Fast away the old year passes! It's not quite time to hail the new (ye lads and lasses), but the clock is definitely ticking down on 2017. GoCertify is not about to go dark like a winter afternoon at 4:30, but we will be scaling back during the final week of the year.


We hope it's been a December to remember for all of the faithful GoCertify visitors out there. If you have some down time over the next 10 days, think about the coming year and what you'd like to accomplish. It's never too early to begin planning the next leg of your certification journey.


In case you missed it — ICYMI, as the kids like to say — we've been looking back over 2017 at some of GoCertify's annual content milestones:


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Here's what you can expect to see on GoCertify before the end of 2017:


Friday, Dec. 22: Ed Tittel on CompTIA's New Stackable Certs

Monday, Dec. 25: Merry Christmas! Hope you got something cool. [No new content]

Tuesday, Dec. 26: You have our permission to sleep late on The Day After. [No new content]

Wednesday, Dec. 27: What certs are you planning to get in 2018? Watch for our list of Hot Big Data Certs for 2018. First in a series!

Thursday, Dec. 28: Um, it's a snow day! Yeah, that's the ticket. [No new content]

Friday, Dec. 29: Are you satisfied with your salary? Ed Tittel weighs in on the trend of "wage unrest."

Monday, Jan. 1: Happy New Year! What are your resolutions? [No new content]

Tuesday, Jan. 2: Back to business as usual. Watch for our list of Hot Linux Certs for 2018.


That's the rundown. Wherever you are, and whoever you're with, we hope that your holidays are happy, and we'll see you in 2018!


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