Help GoCertify Meet More of Our Neighbors and You Could Win a Kindle Fire

GoCertify is not exactly the new kid on the IT certification block. We've been rowing this boat since 1998, so it's not like traipsing through the terrabytes in 2015 is our first rodeo (and it's certainly not our first mixed metaphor). Still, the internet is a very big place, and only getting bigger as more people, computers and things show up to the party every day.


We feel confident that there are plenty of people out there we've yet to meet, and we'd like to make it a little easier for that to happen. The world has many certification questions, after all, and we have many certification answers. Something else that we have is a 16 GB 7-inch Kindle Fire. We give away our vast store of certification knowledge free of charge, but we don't have enough Kindles to just toss them around wily-nilly.


If you want a shot to walk off with our Kindle in your pocket, then we need to have you take a few simple actions first:


GoCertify 16GB Kindle Fire HD 7" Giveaway


See how easy we've made it? There are lots of promotions that let you double or triple your chances of winning, but when's the last time you could actually octuple them?


The GoCertify and CertMag newsletters deliver a blast of certification goodness straight to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC, on a rotating weekly schedule. In addition to rounding up some of the top recent articles to appear on the sites, both newsletters have exclusive content not found anywhere else.


You can get further access to what's at the forefront of the great big certification brains at CertMag and GoCertify by following us on Twitter, as well as dropping in on our Facebook pages. By linking up with all of our communication outlets, you'll also get premium access to periodic giveaways and promotions just like this one.


As noted above, we mostly dispense great gifts of certification knowledge, like yesterday's feature about the most effective ways to study for your next IT certification. Once in a while, however, we find a Kindle Fire in the goodwill grab bag, and there's other fun stuff in the mix as well from time to time.


So thanks for visiting GoCertify, and we hope that you'll continue to return. And remember: Seven of the eight ways to enter have built-in limitations on the number of times you can complete them. If you really want that sweet Kindle Fire, however, you can increase your chances even further by tweeting a link to this promotion once per day.

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