Holiday publishing schedule and the Best of GoCertify 2014

Year in Review

The pinnacle of the holiday season is nearly here and we wish you a merry whatever you're celebrating as 2014 winds down. Be safe driving to grandma's house. Go easy on the party mix and egg nog. Don't forgt to leave the thermostat set to 55 if you're leaving the house for an extended period.


It's been a pleasure to serve you this year, and we're excited about the coming 12 months. Because we take vacations, too, you may notice a slow in the flow of our content over the next two weeks. Here's what to expect. For the rest of December and the first few days of January, we'll have new content on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, instead of the six-days-a-week Monday through Saturday schedule that we hope you've become accustomed to. Our normal stream of content will pick back up on Monday, Jan. 5


For today, we're looking back across all of 2014 to bring you a recap of our most popular content. If you're new or relatively new to GoCertify, then we hope you'll enjoy discovering some of what we do. If you're an old hand, then we hope you'll enjoy revisiting GoCertify's Greatest Hits of 2014.


1. Nine top Linux certifications — This list of the foremost Linux credentials, compiled by GoCertify founder Anne Martinez, was our most heavily trafficked feature of the year by an impressive margin. If you're looking for a hot career path to follow, or if you want to get a Linux cert that will cause employers to flock to your LinkedIn profile, then give it a read.


2. Avoiding shady or questionable certifications — We love him, and so did you. Certification guru and IT industry veteran Ed Tittel was our top individual contributor this year, with nearly 30 pieces carrying his byline. The most popular of them all is this watchdog piece about how to sniff out the certs that are rotten eggs ... before they splatter all over your resume.


3. Author interview: 31 Days Before Your CCNA Routing and Switching Exam — GoCertify has a long tradition of Q&As with top certification authors. In 2014, the one that piqued reader interest most strongly was a chat with Allan Johnson, a former college instructor who now works full time with Cisco Networking Academy.


4. So long and thanks for all the fish: Windows 8 circles the drain — Even Microsoft is already cutting its losses and moving on from Windows 8. Since everybody loves a good train wreck, Aaron Axline's requiem for the please-all operating system that fairly definitively pleased none attracted a lot of interest from readers. Pour out a 40 for the Windows that never was.


5. Linux decrypted: How this CCIE fast-tracked his Linux ambitions — To judge by total traffic, we might do better if we just changed our name to GoLinux, or maybe GoCertify-in-Linux. Guest contributor Mike Chase brought it all to the table: certification, Linux and Conan. Yeah, the Conan with the giant broadsword. Taste his steel!


6. Eight top certifications to help you dig deep into digital forensics — Another big score for Ms. Martinez, this list of top credentials landed in a cybersecurity certification sweet spot. IT security careers disciplines are hot more or less across the board, and digital forensics is apparently no exception. Are you the Gil Grissom of binary?

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