ISACA offers virtual cloud security conference Dec. 9

Is anyone else thinking: "Enough already with all the talk about security breaches"? It's becoming almost mainstream to hear that a company has been compromised. On the other hand, it's not like anyone wants to wait around and see if they are next. Instead, let's kick up those defense systems and head on over to ISACA's free virtual conference, the forthcoming Evolving Security for a Maturing Cloud.



On Dec. 9, from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Eastern), ISACA's conference will "help attendees address cloud security proactively, close existing security gaps and combat emerging vulnerabilities." This conference isn't just about the talk, it's about being proactive in the IT business industry. If you own a company, work for a company, or hope to work for a company soon, this affects you: "This conference will help attendees ensure their cloud security is solid yet able to adapt as the cloud evolves, governance policies change, and mobile risks and other threats increase."


We all have data to protect, from bank account information to social security number to proprietary and highly sensitive corporate information. As soon as you send your information into the cloud, there are risks. ISACA's conference will delineate current cloud risks, as well as lay out how to identify BYOC vulnerabilities, how to protect sensitive data, and how to stay current on cloud encryption. Throughout the conference, participants can join in four different educational presentations:


Post-Deployment Governance Tips to Protect Cloud Security: Security doesn't go to bed after a company has set a data governance policy. If a security breach can happen at any time, there are benefits to monitoring the organization's systems on a continual basis. With data coming and going, there is a need to see where the most critical information is located, how secure it is, and what is going on at each stage of the security plan. Technology is continually advancing, and so should your plan for data protection.


The Floating Perimeter: Managing On-premise/Off-premise Security Issues: It's a no brainer that the security controls used 10 years ago are different from the controls necessary to protect data today: especially the tools to protect data in the cloud. Knowing which set of controls to use for data in the cloud compared to what a company was using previously may determine the strength of the organization's defense procedure. See what tools are available in this session.


Cloud Security and Identifying Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) Risk: The cloud is often a blessing and a curse at the same time. As BYOC is a growing trend, having unauthorized cloud services hold valuable information may become a heart attack. It is more common now for employees to decide which cloud services they will regularly use. Although companies have little or no control over BYOC, this session will dive into identifying, authorizing, and securely provisioning those potentially at-risk cloud services.


Pragmatic Cloud Encryption: Tools and Strategies to Ensure Data Security: Encryption- the tool that "allow[s] organizations to protect data even when it lacks full control of a multitenant environment." Sounds pretty great, but so do a lot of other tools. Giving security to chance just because a tool "sounds great" could mean trouble, especially since it could mean losing valuable information. This session will look at the best options of encryption and why a company should consider it.


This upcoming virtual conference will be an ideal time to examine various cloud security issues and how to implement protection in your organization.


Also keep your eyes peeled for the next free webinar on cybersecurity. This will be held Tuesday, December 2, 2014. The webinar is only one hour long and ISACA members can earn one free CPE credit for attending. So there are no excuses not to attend! Register at or find more information at


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