ISACA to Release Overhauled CISA Certification Exam in 2016

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Like IT hardware and software, IT certifications evolve and change as our understanding of technology advances. Nearly all certifications have some sort of recertification requirement these days, to help credential holders keep their skills current. And nearly all certification exams are periodically reviewed and revised to reflect the latest body of knowledge on the topics in question. You aren't the only ones on the hamster wheel, IT pros.


Some certs have a bigger industry footprint than others, of course. And as a recent GoCertify feature observed, in the realm of IT auditing, no credential stands taller than ISACA's Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). If you've had your eye on CISA certification for a while, then don't set your plans in stone quite yet: ISACA announced today that the current CISA exam is being overhauled and upgraded, and the new exam will debut in June 2016.


In addition to being the most prestigious certification available to IT auditors, CISA is one of the better-paying IT certifications available to anyone, anywhere. Our friends at Certification Magazine placed it at No. 3 on the list of 75 top-compensated certs in their most recent annual Salary Survey, with an average annual salary of $110,190. If you're willing to learn the skills, and you can do the work well, then impressive financial rewards await.


This newest revision to CISA will overhaul the job practice domains. The job practice changes are the result of a nine-month study of the work being done by current CISA-certified professionals. The revisions are as follows:


Domain 1 — The Process of Auditing Information Systems will become 21 percent of the exam. (Previously it was 14 percent.)

Domain 2 —  Governance and Management of IT will become 16 percent of the exam. (Previously it was 14 percent.)

Domain 3 — Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation will become 18 percent of the exam. (Previously it was 19 percent.)

Domain 4 — Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management will become 20 percent of the exam. (Previously it was 23 percent.)

Domain 5 — Protection of Information Assets will become 25 percent of the exam. (Previously it was 30 percent.)


The CISA certification exam is only available three times a year, in June, September and December. With September slots already filled, the December opening is the last time that the exam will be given in its current format. Successfully completing the exam is only the first step to CISA certification: Candidates must apply to be certified (which requires a minimum of five years' professional experience), and then agree to adhere to a code of professional ethics, as well as carrying out professional assignments in compliance with Information Systems Auditing Standards.


Since CISA first appeared in 1978, more than 118,000 individuals have successfully completed the requirements to become certified.


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