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At the end of May, the creature feature blockbuster Godzilla: King of Monsters brought everybody's favorite post-nuclear scaly behemoth back to theaters. In the movie, Godzilla stomps around wreaking havoc and doing damage, leaving tipped skyscrapers and submerged battleships — the usual collateral damage — in his mighty wake.


In the real world, of course, the greatest threats to our security and safety aren't likely to be towering fire-breathing kaiju emerging from the depths of the sea. The central importance to modern society of the internet and computer technology means that we're in far greater danger from shadowy individuals penetrating networks and raiding databases.


After all, the next gargantuan lizard monster to lay waste to New York or San Francisco will be the first, whereas the next massive hack that exposes thousands of individuals to identity theft and other digital mischief may not be the first this month, or even this week.


The clear and present danger of threats to our information technology (IT) infrastructure means that the world needs a substantial increase in the supply of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Cybersecurity professional association (ISC)2 is a leader in the recruitment and training of information age superheros, and a great way for interested individuals to kickstart or further their professional ambitions is to attend a professional conference.


(ISC)2 is offering an excellent opportunity for both seasoned professionals and eager newcomers to advance their training, forge valuable personal connections, learn about new and emerging threats, and generally bathe themselves in the industry zeitgeist, all while attending the 2019 Security Congress, Oct. 28-30 in Orlando, Fla.


Each year, Security Congress brings together more than 4,000 information security industry professionals, which makes it a great place to meet and mingle with some of the brightest minds in cybersecurity. There are also more than 150 education and "thought leadership" sessions that, which makes Security Congress a great place to boost your knowledge of the industry and stay abreast of trends and current events.


Now, you may look at the October dates of Security Congress and think, "This isn't happening until October, why am I hearing about it now?" Oct. 28 is actually not even five months away, but there's an even better reason thinking about Security Congress now: If you register no later than Aug. 15, then you can save $200. Not only that, but you can save an additional $50 by using the discount code "GoCert50."


Think about all the things you could do with an extra $250 that you didn't have to spend on registering to attend Security Congress! You could probably buy a 1995 Honda Civic, for example, and travel to Florida in style without even worrying about the hassle of booking airline tickets.


On top of all that thrifty goodness, you could save even more by becoming an (ISC)2 member. For example, if you register during the early bird pricing window (now through Aug. 15), then you pay $1,495 instead of $1,695. If you're an (ISC)2 member, however, the early bird rate drops all the way down to $1,195, saving you an additional $300. They're practically paying you to attend, at that price!


You can jump over to the Security Congress website to view other pricing options, as well as compare access levels. If you're planning to attend, just be sure to register before Aug. 15, and don't forget to save an additional $50 with our discount code: GoCert50.


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